Nominations are flooding in…

Woman WhoWhilst nominations are flooding in, many women in business are holding back. Why?

The rational behind the Woman Who…Awards

For years there has been talk about levels of confidence amongst Women in Business.  For some reason, very few of us like to shout out about our successes.  Quite where this lack of confidence starts is debatable, but many suggest that this could develop during our school years.

Recent research has shown that whilst the number of Women on Boards is increasing, it is still not equal by any terms.  This is largely derived from the fact that women either don’t have the confidence to put themselves forward for such positions or the “fear factor” that they simply aren’t as good as their male counterparts.

It has been proven that where women are involved in the decision making process that there are key benefits for business growth and improved financial performance.

So instead of sitting back and thinking…

Shall I nominate myself? Oh no, I can’t because that would be bragging

There is no point nominating myself because I won’t win

I won’t nominate myself because someone else will do it

Instead, just do it, take the plunge and make it happen.

Nominate yourself or someone else today

Let us know why you deserve recognition for your achievements and Nominate Now.

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