So the nomination deadline for the Coventry & Warwickshire Woman Who…Awards is approaching and all nominations must be received by Friday 4th March.  There will be no extensions as we have already received nearly 100 nominations to date.  However, we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

As with any Awards nomination deadline, invariably it is diarised with an intention to submit it in plenty of time and well before the deadline.  In practice, it pops up in your diary on deadline day and you simply don’t have the time left to submit it.

This is why we have made our nomination process so simple.  We are not asking for turnover figures for the last 3 years, we are not requiring your headcount, nor do we really want any detailed information about your qualifications and other awards.  We just want to know who you are and a short paragraph about why you, or the business woman you are nominating, deserves to be recognised in a particular category.

  • Each nominee is notified by email about their nomination, which can be a huge boost to their confidence.
  • All nominees will receive a Certificate confirming their Nomination in a particular category. This will be presented at the Awards Lunch to those attending.
  • Short listed finalists will be invited to a short interview with our Judging Panel where they can elaborate on key areas of achievement and answer a few questions.

It truly is a simple process.  It takes no longer than a few minutes to complete the nomination form online and submit.

Nominate today…