We are delighted to feature our Woman Who…Business Network Finalists today.  Lucie Bradbury is the founder of Damsels in Success.

lucie circle 2“I founded Damsels in Success to give women local and affordable access to personal development and to feel held and continuously supported in their personal and professional/business growth. To provide a safe space to explore and experiment with our feminine authentic selves.

The network helps women to grow their confidence considerably quicker and easier than they would do on their own. Hundreds of women have started and grown business and changed/advanced careers as a result. We also use many local providers/suppliers.

DIS is in 7 more locations across the country. The Warwick group has increased by 34 members in the last year. We have also doubled our reach on social media and grown our mailing list to 30,000 nationwide.

In the next 12 months, I would like to add 12 new locations to our portfolio. And have 100 members in Warwick. Offer higher level programmes to support deeper and accelerated growth of small businesses. To offer a training programmes to increase core confidence and feminine skills.

I feel that DIS is a special network/community that offers a unique place where women come together to support each other and form a strong community where all success is celebrated. The tools, strategies and philosophies provided are life changing. My vision is to truly change the way women live and work through the empowerment of women to have holistic success. The network/community’s impact on the local community and beyond has breadth and depth. It’s been around for 8 years now and I have had many personal challenges in that time (as well as have 3 children) and do my best to be an example to others and have continues to grow in harmony with the other things in my life. This award would help raise our profile so we can support more women in the local area to start/grow businesses and do more of the things they are passionate about whilst supporting their families etc. My small, dedicated central team deserve this recognition for their hard work.

Congratulations Lucie on being a Woman Who…Business Network Finalist.

You can come along and support Lucie and Damsels in Success at our Awards Lunch on Friday 15th April at Coombe Abbey Hotel.