Woman Who…Start Up Finalists Jude Jennison and Emma Taylor, The Leadership Whisperers

Each day we are featuring our Finalists.  Jude Jennison and Emma Taylor, The Leadership Whisperers, are Finalists in the Woman Who…Start Up Category.

160314-WomanWho-SL-07-Leadership-Whisperers-01-S“The Leadership Whisperers help senior leaders develop embodied leadership skills that have a profound impact in business.

Through live events and workshops, they partner with horses who provide non-judgmental feedback, enabling clients to identify their leadership behaviours and transform themselves into courageous and hugely influential, non-verbal communicators. Their corporate clients report significant results including resolving conflict, cultural change, improving financial performance, increasing sales and individuals gaining promotions.

The Leadership Whisperers combine Emma’s 16 year corporate HR career with Jude’s 16 year senior leadership career in a large global organization. They map the learning with horses back to practical work situations and create profound, sustainable learning.

Congratulations Jude and Emma on being Woman Who…Start Up Finalists.

You can come along and support Jude and Emma at our Awards Lunch on Friday 15th April at Coombe Abbey Hotel.

Photographs by Linda Scannell, Linda Scannell Photography

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