Woman Who…Gives back to the Community Finalist, Mita Mistry

Today we are featuring our Finalists in the Woman Who… Awards Community Category.  Each of our Finalists do something special for the Coventry & Warwickshire Community.

160314-WomanWho-SL-15-Mita-Mistry-03-S“Mita is an Acupuncturist, Mindfulness Coach, Speaker, Author and Newspaper Columnist

Mita is a recognised expert in holistic healthcare specialising in helping mental, emotional and physical conditions. She helps people who are suffering from infertility, bereavement, stress headaches, to sports injuries and more whilst empowering them to reach their optimum health goals with greater balance in life.

Charity and helping others is at the core of Mita’s values, which she practices by, reaching out to all walks of the community regardless of their beliefs, gender, culture, age or income. She offers a wide range of voluntary and low cost holistic healthcare options to bring greater happiness, peace and unity for all.”

Congratulations to Mita on being a Finalist in the Woman Who…Gives back to the Community Category.

Join Mita at our Awards Lunch on Friday 15th April and show her your support.

Photographs by Linda Scannell Photography

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