Woman Who…Gives back to the Community Finalist, Sue Cressman, Nailcote Hall

Today we are featuring our Finalists in the Woman Who… Awards Community Category.  Each of our Finalists do something special for the Coventry & Warwickshire Community.

160314-WomanWho-SL-17-Sue-Cressman-03-S“Sue Cressman is Joint Proprietor of Nailcote Hall Hotel

Sue has had Breast Cancer twice in her life, once aged 33 years and again 3 years ago.

Since 1992 she has fundraised to help Breast Cancer Sufferers.  During the past twelve years she has organised fundraising events at her venue Nailcote Hall Hotel.

The Bi-annual ‘Pink Ball’ & ‘Charity Ascot Days’ raise funds for equipment for local hospitals to help patients going through Chemotherapy and other painful treatments.

Her current project is to provide NHS surgeons with Hilotherapy Machines to aid pain and give quicker surgical recovery.  Each machine costs £5500, she has supplied 4 in the last 18 months

Her drive is to give to the Community, because she is one of the lucky ones.”

Congratulations to Sue on being a Finalist in the Woman Who…Gives back to the Community Category.

Join Sue at our Awards Lunch on Friday 15th April and show her your support.

Photographs by Linda Scannell Photography

8 thoughts on “Woman Who…Gives back to the Community Finalist, Sue Cressman, Nailcote Hall

  1. Sue is an inspirational fund raiser, kind, warm hearted, funny and dedicated. She is without doubt a wonderful nominee and a very deserving winner for the Woman Who ….. Awards


  2. I have known Sue Cressman for quite a few years and have been amazed and inspired by Sue’s dedication to raising money for charity. For over 12 years Sue, a sufferer herself, has raised huge amounts of money for Breast Cancer – via organised fundraising events at her venue; Nailcote Hall Hotel. All the best. Simon xxx


  3. Sue has worked tirelessly over many years now in raising funds to support local hospitals, helping to provide equipment necessary in helping patients with their cancer treatment. She has arranged numerous successful fundraising events over the years, some of which I’ve had the privilege of attending. The Pink Ball being a particular favourite, the next one coming up on 16th April.
    Sue is truly a very special lady and without her unselfish and determined efforts many people would undoubtedly endure more suffering in their fight against this dreadful disease. She certainly deserves recognition for her unerring efforts and I’ll certainly be cheering her all the way. A true protagonist who certainly can be considered a ‘Woman Who’ and has my vote every time. Good Luck Sue, with love and best wishes Stuart xxx


  4. Sue Cressman is an amazing lady whom I truly admire. As a fellow cancer survivor who has also required surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy followed by reconstructive surgery I know the importance of hilotheray machines & how much they mean to aid a patients recovery in so many ways.
    Sue’s continued fundraising year after year to purchase and provide hilotheray machines ensures that this amazing support can be provided to many women who are going through such a horrendous time in their lives.
    I highly recommend Sue to win this award, she is already a winner in my eyes.


  5. I have known Sue for many years. I have worked in the voluntary sector since 1989 for various charities, I currently work for Cancer Research UK. Sue has always supported and helped me whenever she by donating prizes for auctions or buying tickets for events.
    Sue is a truly inspirational lady and works tirelessly raising money for charities even though she has had her own problems.
    Sue truly deserves this award.


  6. Thank you all for your lovely words of encouragement. There are some truly wonderful ladies in my category. Just to get nominated and then get to the final is overwhelming….xx


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