Woman Who…Entrepreneur Finalist, Zeynep Turudi Founder of Truede & Mistik Spa

Featuring our Entrepreneur Category at the Woman Who… Awards.  Introducing each of our Entrepreneur Finalists.

160314-WomanWho-SL-10-Zeynep-Turudi-03-S“Zeynep Turudi Founder and owner of Truede Ltd, Mistik Spa Ltd, Co-founder London Global Marketing Consultancy and http://www.studyacourse.com

Zeynep Turudi has been named ‘The Most Successful Entrepreneur’ of the year by the London based Business Network Organisation in 2011

She left a Science Engineering degree at Coventry University to found her own company in 2003.

Turudi was invited by the Embassy of USA to participate  as part of a special IVLP International Visitor Leadership Programme, ‘A New Beginning Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation.’ with 32 business delegates from 32 countries in 2011 formed by Barrack Obama.”

Congratulations to Zeynep of Truede and Mistik Spa on being a Finalist in the Woman Who…Entrepreneur Category.

Join Zeynep at our Awards Lunch on Friday 15th April and show her your support.

Photographs by Linda Scannell Photography

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