We are extremely grateful to our Sponsors Jigsaw CCS.

Lorna Harling and Rebecca FahyJigsaw CCS is based in Binley, Coventry, and conceptualises, designs, creates bespoke high quality and specialist mailing solutions, with a strong emphasis on collaboration with their clients.

Specialising in creative mailing solutions, Jigsaw CCS place extended focus on direct mail and unique hand fulfilment solutions. Providing a safe pair of hands, Jigsaw CCS offer a range of
bespoke products and services throughout every stage of the direct mail process. As a company with years of experience in the creative sector, Jigsaw CCS encompasses the knowledge, Jigsaw CCS Logoexpertise and creativity to deliver effective, stand-out jobs smoothly and efficiently, meeting the design and mailing requirements of each client to make marketing memorable.

[Picture:  Directors Lorna Harling & Rebecca Fahy]