Congratulations to Helen Routledge of Totem Learning Winner of the Woman Who…Inspires Award 2016.

The Judges selected Helen as she is breaking the mould of traditional e-learning and particularly inspired the Judges with her application of modern technology, to enable knowledge and innovate via the use of serious gaming.

160415-WW-01-Lunch-41-X“As a women in STEM I was thrilled to be nominated and I feel incredibly proud to have been selected as the winner of the Women Who Inspires category. Games have inspired me throughout my life and through the use of game thinking and game design it is my hope that I can make the world a more playful place and reignite passion for learning.” (Helen Routledge, Totem Learning)

Totem learning co-founder, author, blogger and international speaker on the topics of Serious Games and learning technologies, Helen has over a decade of experience of applying behavioural and cognitive theories to highly-interactive serious games and training solutions.

Helen’s understanding of psychology and game mechanics, combined with her deep knowledge of learning theory has been applied to an incredibly varied range of solutions to impact thousands of lives around the world.

Congratulations Helen on being a Woman Who…Inspires Award Winner 2016.

Photographs by Linda Scannell, Linda Scannell Photography