Are you a Woman in Business who Exports? Enter the Woman Who…Awards today

leadership-whisperersThe Woman Who…Exports is a new Award Category for 2017 and is aimed at women in business in Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull who export.

Take a look to see if this is you or someone you know.  You may run your own business or have a key role within a business with responsibility for export.

Enter our Woman Who…Export Award today.  The closing date for entries is 4.00pm on Friday 24th February. Enter now…Women in Business Entry Form.

Woman Who…Exports Award 2017

You are at a senior level within your organisation or run your own business.  You export your product or service outside of the UK.  You will be able to tell us about how you prepared your business to be export ready, any challenges you have faced and your successes to date.

GUIDELINES:  The Judges want to hear about your initial decision to export, your journey so far, your achievements, successes and any challenges you have faced.  They want to know about your marketing, distribution and sales.  Tell us about the countries you engage with and how you deal with the practical side of exporting.  If you have received any assistance or government grants, please tell us.

Enter now.

Sponsored by Arthur J Gallagher


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