Jude Jennison of The Leadership Whisperers joins us at the Woman Who… Network #IWD2017

jude-jennisonWe are delighted that Woman Who…Startup Winner 2016, Jude Jennison (one half of The Leadership Whisperers), will be speaking on International Women’s Day at the Woman Who… Network. Book here.

Jude Jennison, the Co-Founder of The Leadership Whisperers, is an international speaker, author, leadership coach and Horse Assisted Educator with a 16 year senior leadership career in IBM, where she led UK, European and global teams. She combines bold, visionary thinking with transparency, vulnerability and humility to create profound learning experiences that lead to sustainable behavioural change.

Jude helps senior leaders and executive teams develop the leadership skills that you can’t learn in Business School, such as trust, mutual respect, courage and compassion. Frequently described as courageous and inspirational, audiences regularly report leadership and behavioural changes they have made as a result of hearing her speak.leadership-whisperers

Through her Leadership with Horses workshops, clients get fast results, direct feedback without judgment and the opportunity to repeat and recalibrate until they get the required results.

Hear Jude’s inspirational story about her business journey.

Book here



Event Sponsored by Coombe Abbey

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