Do You Know Woman in Business who is great at Networking? We want to meet her.

woman-who-launch-fsbThe Woman Who…Networks Category is aimed at women in business in Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull who are great at business networking.

You must know a woman in business who goes that extra mile when she attends a networking event. She’s a natural and has great networking skills. She builds relationships and isn’t just there to promote her own business, but is also looking to help introduce business to others. She will always have her third eye open to encourage, support and mentor those new to networking.

Take a look to see if this is you or someone you know.  You may run your own business or have a business development role within your organisation. You may not realise just what a great networker you are or someone you know!

Enter our Woman Who…Networks Award today.  The closing date for entries is 4.00pm on Friday 24th February. Enter now…Women in Business Entry Form.

Woman Who…Networks Award 2017

You are a woman in business who understands the concept of networking and its emphasis on building relationships in business. You may run your own network meetings, attend networking group(s) and network via various social media platforms. You support others in business, work on growing your own network, whilst sharing your own business networking contacts.

GUIDELINES: The Judges want to hear about your networking skills, successes and the way you have grown the business and your role through networking. Tell us how you have achieved this, how you have gained clients and about any opportunities you have created for yourself and others through networking.

Enter now


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