Congratulations Perm Bassi of Unique Therapies, Woman Who…Innovates Through Technology Finalist

Each day we are featuring our Woman Who…Finalists.  Perm Bassi of Unique Therapies is a Finalist in the Woman Who…Innovates through Technology Category.

I promote wellness and good health to enable the natural flow and energies back to the body to help restore and harmony in your inner self.  I like to help on a number of levels primary when people are not feeling themselves & their energies are depleted due to modern day stress or toxins in the body.

Having worked within the corporate world, I understand the associated stresses. Unique therapies offers a range of programmes specifically designed to help you ‘switch off’ and soothe the mind and body leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Each programme is blending over thousands of years of knowledge from the Eastern to the Western world brought through ancient and modern energy balancing technology treatments.

An integral part of my culture and daily life, I was raised on these therapies used daily and intensively at times of illness, to promote wellbeing. The teachings passed to me from my grandmother and mother allows me to blend ancient Indian treatments with modern energy healing a total balance of body and mind.

Join Perm and our other Finalists at the Awards Lunch which takes place on Friday 5th May at Coombe Abbey Hotel. Book Now (Limited places places now available-Deadline 20th April)

Photographs Courtesy of Linda Scannell Photography


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