Congratulations Stacey and Laura, Networking Mummies UK, Woman Who…Change Champion Finalist

Our Final feature today is Stacey Calder and Laura Morris of Networking Mummies UK are Finalists in the Woman Who…Change Champion for Women in Business Category.

Networking Mummies UK Ltd has been running for nearly 8 years connecting people not only locally within the area of these awards but also across it’s 30 branches. We promote buying from small businesses in a number of ways.

Laura Morris and Stacey Calder have known each other since the age of 4. They have always remained in some sort of contact but when Laura moved back upto Warwickshire the opportunity arose at the right time for Stacey to come on board. Both businesses owners themselves then understand the needs of other mums and dads who want support and are advocates for championing mums to make a living.

Come along and support Stacey & Laura and our other Finalists at the Awards Lunch which takes place on Friday 5th May at Coombe Abbey Hotel. Book Now (Very Limited places available)

Photographs Courtesy of Linda Scannell Photography

Woman Who…Change Champion for Women in Business Category Sponsored by Linda Scannell Photography

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