Congratulations to the Finalists in the Rising Star in Further Education and Training Category

160415-ww-02-posed-10-xThe Rising Star Category is aimed at young women currently in Education, Training or undertaking an Apprenticeship in Coventry, Warwickshire or Solihull.

These young women are our Rising Stars of the future and are currently studying at College or University or starting their careers on a recognised Training Programme or Apprenticeship.

This year we received so many entries, we split the category into two; Rising Stars in Secondary Education and Rising Stars in Further Education and Training.

Meet the Finalists of the Woman Who…Rising Star in Further Education or Training Category:

Laura Brindley        Coventry University
Helen Graffam        Warwickshire College/JLR
Rachel Fleeman      University of Warwick/JLR
Yulia Manyutina     University of Warwick
Shannon Lynch       University of Warwick/JLR
Kerry Malik              Staffordshire University/Kerry Mal Fitness
Woman Who…Rising Star in Secondary Education Sponsored by Twycross Zoo


Last year’s winners:

160415-ww-02-posed-20-x“I was pleasantly surprised when I was nominated for this award by my lecturer; Emily Keal. It means a lot to me and has improved my self-belief and confidence. I enjoyed the awards ceremony as it was a new and unique experience for me and the various speeches from the presentations have inspired me to push myself further and achieve bigger and better things.

Thank you for the award.”

Lucy Reynolds, Warwickshire College Sponsored by Online Toolbox



“I was very pleased with the award; it was a privilege to be recognised by both WMG and Woman Who, for recognising my hard work and progress I have gained from attending WMG Academy.  My parents and family were extremely proud of me receiving the award.”

Krushma, Bosamia, WMG Academy for Young Engineers Sponsored by Alsters Kelley Solicitors

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