Congratulations Rebecca and Karen of Yumzee, Finalists in the Woman Who…StartUp Category

Meet another of our Woman Who…StartUp Finalists.  Introducing Rebecca Sorusch & Karen Percy, of Yumzee, Finalists in the Woman Who…StartUp Category.

Yumzee is an online platform business that connects guests with hosts/chefs. Think AirBnB meets Come Dine With Me. We want to revolutionise the way people meet, eat and connect—enabling people to enjoy a social dining experience.

The concept is simple—a host/chef creates the menu, sets the terms, gets cooking and starts earning. Guests signs up for a great meal in the comfort of the chef’s or host’s home. Chefs can be anyone from passionate home cooks to hobby chefs to trained professional chefs. They can host a meal in their own homes or partner with a host who provides their home as the venue. They decide how many guests they would like to invite, create a menu, set a price and publish the meal on the website. Guests can search for meals in their area, choose one that suits them, read reviews of the hosts/chefs, book a seat, pay online, and join the host for a fabulous meal.

People arrive as strangers, leave as friends.

Congratulations Rebecca & Karen on being Finalists.  Take a look at all of the Finalists.

Winners of each category will be revealed at the Awards Lunch which takes place on Friday 5th May at Coombe Abbey Hotel. Book Now (Just 15 places left)

Photographs Courtesy of Linda Scannell Photography

Woman Who…StartUp Category Sponsored by Athena Warwickshire


“I’m absolutely thrilled, honoured and so excited to be a part of the Women Who…Awards 2017. I had the pleasure of attending the 2016 event, and was completely inspired and moved by the stories of success, determination and sheer grit!  Athena focusses exclusively on female executives and entrepreneurs, and The Athena Network provides a platform for members to share knowledge and experience across a diverse range of industry sectors, and to collaborate for mutual success. The partnership between The Women Who…Awards and Athena Network is a perfect combination to develop and grow women in business within our region. I’m looking forward to seeing Athena Members at the forthcoming Women Who… Networking events too.” (Ann Burton)

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