Congratulations Emma Louise Hewitt of Standley and Co on your Woman Who…Achieves in Business Commendation

Congratulations Emma Louise Hewitt of Standley & Co who received a Commendation in the Woman Who…Achieves in Business Category.

Emma is an Equity Partner at Standley & Co Solicitors where she has worked for nearly 7 years.  Not only is she an Equity Partner, but also a solicitor, manager, marketer, trainer and networker.

Standley & Co is a law Firm with a heart.  We are passionate about providing the best legal advice to our loyal clients and a supportive working environment for our staff, many of whom are long serving.  We are looking to work innovatively, to build our team and collaborate with other professionals to become the best Firm we can be.

“I am so proud and honoured to have been part of these Awards, which are a fabulous way of recognising the amazing talent of women across Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull, as well as inspiring those young women who are to be our future.  The calibre of all the women involved in the small businesses locally is extremely inspiring and uplifting and I can honestly say the whole experience has just been amazing.  I believe that with ambition and determination you can do anything and be anything you want to be in life and we should support the next generation of young business women in their goals and ambitions. I am extremely proud to have been awarded this Commendation by the Judges.  It is now my responsibility to help inspire those around me and support them with their future goals and paths whatever they may be .” (Emma Hewitt)



Woman Who…Achieves in Business Category Sponsored by Askews Accountants

Askews Accountants was established in 1997 in Coventry and has recently acquired Flint & Thompson in Birmingham. We have built a dedicated and loyal team of fully trained Chartered Certified accountants and bookkeepers. At Askews we put the Customers first.

We are delighted to be a sponsor of Woman Who… and really enjoyed attending the Awards Lunch. Congratulations to all the Winners and Finalists in the Woman Who…Achieves in Business Category” (Louise Challenger, Head of the Coventry Office)

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