12 Hours to Go! Enter Yourself for a Rising Star in Education, Creative, Training or Apprenticeship Award

The Rising Star Category is aimed at young women currently in Education, undertaking an Apprenticeship or recognised training course.

There are 3 Categories this year:

  • Rising Star in Secondary Education
  • Rising Star in Further Education (College or University) or Training (Apprenticeship or similar recognised training whilst working for an employer)
  • Rising Star in the Creative World (Secondary Education, Further Education or Training)

You are our Rising Stars of the future and are currently studying at School, College or University or starting your career on a recognised Training Programme or Apprenticeship.

You may not realise just how good you are! You may be doing something extraordinary in your spare time, have overcome challenges and you are definitely the one to watch in the future.  You deserve recognition for your achievements, ability, drive and determination. This award is not all about academic achievement but recognises other achievements too.

If you are, or know, a young woman who deserves to be recognised then please Enter an Award today.  The closing date for entries for the Rising Star Category is Midnight on Friday 30th March. (This category will not be interviewed)

Enter now… Finalists will be announced week commencing 9th April 2018.

Woman Who…Rising Star in Education or Training

You will be studying at School, College or University, or undertaking a recognised training programme or Apprenticeship.  You will be a true asset to your educational establishment or employer.  You are successful in your studies and you are really going places in the future with your chosen career.  You truly deserve the recognition for your achievements to date both inside and outside of your chosen study.

Guidelines for Entry:  This Category will not be interviewed. You therefore need to ensure that you tell us all about you, your goals, your career aspirations and any achievements to date. If you have an unusual hobby, you do work in the community or have undergone any special training please tell us. The Judges don’t want a CV or a UCAS statement, they want to know about the real you.

Last year’s winners:

Modupe Otunaiya, Tile Hill Wood School (Winner of the Rising Star in Secondary Education Award 2017)

“There is so much more of me to come. I am prepared to work hard for what I want and achieve in my career and life. I am self-motivated and always like to have a positive view on things. This award would show that I do not limit myself and can achieve anything I set my mind to. I believe we have the full potential to become who we want to be in life. As long as we have a positive aspect on things. I set a daily goal of adding a little bit of joy to someone else’s life. You never know what someone is going through, so by doing something as little as complimenting them or being kind or giving encouraging words you never know how far it really goes into bettering the person emotionally, mentally or physically. I value myself on being respectful and just being the best version of myself.”

It was just so amazing to win the rising star in education award. It was an absolutely phenomenal experience. It gave me confidence about my future. Hearing other people’s stories just motivated me even more.” (Modupe Otunaiya)

Modupe puts 100% in everything she does, be it Academic or Vocational. She is always positive and invariably looks for the good in everyone, encouraging all around her. She is an Inspiration to us all and is beautiful both inside & out. I have absolutely no doubt that Modupe will achieve and spread positivity & happiness in all she accomplishes in the future. She will be that Woman Who Achieves in that often complex, challenging World of Work. This award really inspired Modupe and will no doubt encourage her further”. (Chris Day, Careers Advisor & Work Experience Co-Ordinator – Tile Hill Wood School & Language College)

Modupe was chosen as the winner in this category because her application simply stood out. Whilst she is currently an true achiever in her school and sport, she has a clear idea of where she would like to go in the future and clearly has a perspective on life where she considers others. Congratulations! We wish Modupe all the best in her future studies.

Meet Modupe at the Woman Who…Achieves Network on 8th March Celebrating International Women’s Day #IWD2018

Laura Brindley, Coventry University (Winner of the Rising Star in Further Education or Training Award 2017)

I am a biomedical science student and an aspiring Biotech entrepreneur, with a passion for improving people’s lives through innovation. But first and foremost I’m a 22-year-old single mother, that refuses to let the obstacles and social stigmas define me. I am determined to succeed and tenacious enough to follow through on my goals. I put my all into every opportunity to develop myself both professionally and personally. I feel strongly about inspiring the future generation in the possibilities of STEM, especially young girls and actively initiate and run science enrichment programs for local children. (Laura Brindley)
Laura was chosen as the winner in this category as she has really pushed herself in the face of adversity. Juggling normal life and study with a young family is difficult and she was recognised for her courage, determination and tenacity.
Rising Star in Secondary Education Sponsored by Coventry University
Rising Star in Further Education or Training Sponsored by Warwickshire College
Rising Star in the Creative World Sponsored by Imaginate

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