Congratulatoins Helen Routledge @TeamTotem Winner of the Woman Who…Achieves Internationally Award 2018

Congratulations Helen Routledge of Totem Learning Winner of the Woman Who…Achieves Internationally (Import & Export) Award 2018, sponsored by Gallagher. Helen was also a Finalist in the Woman Who…Achieves and Innovates through STEM Category and Winner of Woman Who…Achieves Judges Recognition Awards 2018.

Congratulations to all of the Finalists in this Category:

  • Desi Koleva, Food Trade International @berlitos_group
  • Jo Derviller, Imaginate @ImaginateOnline
  • Tracey Rickard, Tracey Rickard Web Design @traceyrickard was awarded a COMMENDATION

Interested in attending a Woman Who… event. Take a look at our upcoming events on Eventbrite

Helen Routledge, Totem Learning @TeamTotem

Helen is known as one of the most sought after serious games designers globally. Known for creating award winning, effective and engaging gamified solutions with proven ROI that will improve your organisation’s learning and development.

At her heart Helen is an Instructional Games Designer and specialises in the design and development of engaging Gamification and Serious Games. With over 15 years’ experience of applying behavioural and cognitive theories to highly-interactive serious games. Helen has been involved in shaping the Game Based Learning/Serious Games market with particular focus integrating learning content with the motivation aspects of good game design.

The Judges chose Helen as the Winner because….

She had an outstanding interview. Export is embedded into her business model for growth rather than as an add on. Helen has also overcome recent challenges in her business.

Read our press and what Helen had to say

Woman Who…Achieves Internationally Category is Sponsored by Gallagher

Gallagher are delighted to support the Women Who … Export Award, for the second consecutive year; it is very important for the UK that there is a focus on this part of our economy. The international insurance market is complex with regulations differing by country and any business looking to trade internationally will need to be sure their insurance cover meets all legal and commercial requirements and will respond should the worst happen. We are happy to help support all  businesses that are planning to, or may already,  export overseas via our SME Export Insurance Product. (Debbie Rush, Coventry Office, Gallagher)

Gallagher are a commercial insurance broker and risk management specialist; With a network of client-focused branches in more than 70 locations across the UK, Arthur J. Gallagher in Coventry offers dedicated local service and support to businesses, backed up by national and global industry expertise. Always with one eye on tomorrow, Gallagher works with businesses of all sizes, from new ventures to large organisations with complex risk issues. We can review all areas of your organisation, including business interruption, environmental liability, cyber-attacks and employers’ liability, as well as provide robust risk and crisis management advice. To find out more, call the Coventry office, located on Queen Victoria Road, on 02476 232 600. Alternatively, visit


Delivered in partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)



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