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Woman Who…Be Inspired

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Take a look at the Leicester Mercury Review of our last event at The Belmont, Leicester


Anne Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson is a Business Coach with a proven track record spanning over 30 years.

She has worked with hundreds of companies at all stages of growth and maturity and her clients range from CEOs of global organisations, to Solopreneurs and start-ups.

Her career as a senior manager, consultant, entrepreneur, facilitator, coach and people development specialistisa fascinating account of professional and personal highs and lows, successes and failures, personal growth and transformation.

The lessons learned, and wisdom gained from her journey in business is what Anne loves to share in her talks and programmes about cultivating happiness and what it means to be truly successful, in the sincere hope that it helps and inspires others.

Sally Dhillon (Career-Mums Partnership and CM Talent)

Give yourself permission to create your future.  Take action and shine brightly.” This is Sally Dhillon’s opening advice in her contribution to Sandra Garlick’s book, “I am a Woman Who”.

Feeling lost after taking a lengthy career break, Sally co-founded Career-Mums Partnership 3 years ago to help other parents relaunch their careers. Their remit has extended to helping employers offer better support for working parents and develop more women leaders.  Sally will share with you her inspiring journey and why there’s never been a better time to be a woman in business, with a call for more women to step up as leaders.

Sheron Cummins (Advance Support)

Sheron is an optimistic, outgoing character that despite obstacles placed in her path since childhood still believes in fairytales and that ‘you too can go to the ball’! Following a successful career in retail management, she discovered the world of transport and logistics and embraced the challenges and opportunities in this male dominated environment.

Managing Director of 2 business – Advance Logistics Support, which provides a complete portfolio of services to the transport and logistics industry and Advance Compliance offering health and safety consultancy, training and more to all sectors.

Constantly striving to make a difference, having a logical mind for problem solving and a vociferous approach for thinking “outside of the box”. Sheron has a passion for exploring new ideas and is always looking for different and unique directions for the team and the businesses. Relentlessly, over many years, Sheron has guided and built a team around her with diverse qualities all of which compliment the ethics she believes in. She ensures that her vision, energy and passion are reflected not only within the business environment but also within all dealings of her professional and personal life. Perhaps her greatest fault is that she does not shout enough about the hard work and achievements made, the challenges which have been overcome and the strength she has shown in leading and growing 2 successful businesses. Sheron strives to provide exceptional service, has a can do approach and always there for others.

Advance Logistics Support will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary early 2019, has shown steady growth and tripled its turnover since its conception in the middle of the recession.

and interview with Woman Who Winner Anne-Mari Niemela (Foxprint)


Delivered in partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses (East & West Midlands Regions)



You can also join us at our afternoon event on Monday 5th November at 2.00pm at The Belmont Hotel:


How to Explode Your Business Through Public Speaking


We may not have met, but if you’re reading this we can be pretty sure of three things:

1.     You want more leads… to gain new clients

2.     You want more sales… to grow your business, and

3.     You want bigger profits… to give yourself a great lifestyle.

You’re not alone. Most business people have the same aims, but hit a brick wall and don’t know what to do next.

Fortunately, there is a way to explode your business using a proven method your competitors generally ignore or refuse to try… public speaking!

In this session Sandra Garlick will share her top tips on how you can use public speaking to:

·         Generate leads and explode your business

·         Boost your reputation and advance your career

·         Position yourself as an authority and the ‘go-to’ person in your niche

This event is for anyone and everyone wanting to look at a different way of generating leads for their  business, boost their reputation and advance their career and  position their self as an authority and the ‘go-to’ person in their niche. For anyone who wants to know the benefits of public speaking and how to go about it.


2:00pm Arrival

2.30pm Session

3.45pm Q & A and Networking

4.00pm Close


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