Explode Your Business Through Public Speaking. Join us at our taster event at #CWBF2018

Become a role model. Share your story and inspire others.

Join us at this mini Strictly Speaking masterclass on Monday 26th November at 1.00pm at Coombe Abbey:


How to Explode Your Business Through Public Speaking


We may not have met, but if you’re reading this we can be pretty sure of three things:

1.     You want more leads… to gain new clients

2.     You want more sales… to grow your business, and

3.     You want bigger profits… to give yourself a great lifestyle.

You’re not alone. Most business people have the same aims, but hit a brick wall and don’t know what to do next.

Fortunately, there is a way to explode your business using a proven method your competitors generally ignore or refuse to try… public speaking!

In this taster session Sandra Garlick and Dave Sharpe will share their top tips on how you can use public speaking to:

·         Generate leads and explode your business

·         Boost your reputation and advance your career

·         Position yourself as an authority and the ‘go-to’ person in your niche

This event is for anyone and everyone wanting to look at a different way of generating leads for their business, boost their reputation and advance their career and  position their self as an authority and the ‘go-to’ person in their niche. For anyone who wants to know the benefits of public speaking and how to go about it.


1:00pm Arrival & Networking

1.30pm Session

2.45pm Q & A and Networking

3.00pm Close


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