Grow your business and your personal brand with Woman Who

Woman Who is all about growing in confidence and growing your personal brand.

If you’re interested in growing your personal brand in 2019 then enter the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2019.

“Some women I talk to tell me they haven’t achieved anything, but when they start to share their story it’s clearly evident that they have.

I encourage women in business and rising stars in education or training to celebrate those achievements.

Woman Who is all about a journey of inspiration, achievement and celebration. Ultimately, our Finalists and Winners go on to share their stories, inspire others and become role models.

Just click here, to enter and I’ll do the rest!”

Sponsored by Sketchley Grange

Join us at Sketchley Grange for the Woman Who Inspires Network on Monday 28th January from 9.00am-11.30am to hear inspirational women in business stories from 2018 Finalists and meet some of our winners and sponsors.

Hear three local and inspirational women in business who share their business stories, the challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. Network, make new contacts and be inspired! You will also get the chance to hear about our 2019 Awards and meet some of our Winners, Sponsors  and Judges.



Nishi Mehta (Career-Mums Partnership and CM Talent, Woman Who Achieves Finalist 2017, 2018)

“The Woman Who Achieves Awards celebrate the achievements of ALL women in business – from ALL backgrounds. We’re thrilled to have been nominated and finalists for two years. It’s so important to get noticed for the work we do; simply recognising that there’s low representation from Asian or other minority groups isn’t enough. Putting myself forward is essential and I urge any women in my situation to do the same by entering awards like this. Together we can make a positive difference and inspire others…” (Nishi Mehta)

Also featuring Sue Tonks (Founder of HyrdroVeg, Woman Who Achieves 2018 Finalist and 2019 Sponsor) and Debbie Moss (Woman Who Sponsor 2019)





Delivered in partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses (East & West Midlands Regions)


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