10 Top Tips for Entering the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2019

coffeeWe know that it’s tough for you to talk about yourself in glowing terms, but now is not the time to be modest. Just think about all that you have achieved to date!

So sit back, grab a coffee and just think about a few things… then take a look at the Award Categories and ENTER NOW

We know that many Awards organisers just leave you to it. However, the Woman Who Achieves Awards are different. We want to encourage you and help you at each stage of the Awards process. So join our Facebook Community and watch out for updates. These tips may also assist:

  1. Think about the things you have achieved…a qualification, recognition, personal achievement, starting a business, a promotion, a testimonial, a new innovation or initiative. I bet you could list at least 20 things you have achieved.
  2. Read the Award Categories and Guidelines for Entry. I bet that you fit into a least two, if not more, of the categories. Take a deep breath, be bold and start filling in one of the Entry Forms.
  3. top-tipsTell us your story. What have you done to get where you are now, what are you doing now and what are your goals and aspirations for the future? Imagine you are telling us a story. You will find it much easier to write your submission and you will have a snapshot of your business achievements.
  4. Think about what the judges would be interested in.  They may not have time to read brochures or look through your website, so make sure that every word counts, be concise and make sure that you describe your product or service. Insert pictures if that would help.
  5. No marks are gained for multiple nominations, so there is no point in getting your friends and contacts to send in multiple entries. The judges will merely be informed that multiple entries have been received. It is far better to have one strong entry from you with great testimonials.
  6. You can enter more than one category. We encourage you to enter as many of the categories as you can. Sponsors are also permitted to enter the awards, but not in a category that they sponsor.
  7. Can you think of someone else who you think ought to enter but hasn’t got the confidence to start the process?  If you start the process for them, they will be encouraged to send us the rest of the information. Over 80% of our entries in 2016 were from a friend or business contact.
  8. No marks are given or deducted for presentation but it helps. Use paragraphs,  bullet points and headings to make it easier for our Judges to read. However, remember… it’s all about the quality of your entry and please do check your spelling.
  9. century-prAsk for help. There is no rule or reason why someone else can’t draft your entry for you. You may have a team member, someone who does your marketing or a PR company who can draft your entry for you. You may also contact Celeste Clarke at Century PR to help, as we have negotiated a special rate for the Woman Who…Awards entrants.
  10. Don’t leave it until the last day. Unlike many Awards, we don’t extend the deadline for entry. It is set at 6.00pm on Friday 22nd February for all Women in Business entries and will not be extended. There are reasons for this. We ensure that every entry is presented in the same format for our shortlist judges at the same time. All entries are treated equally and everyone has had the same period of time to enter. (The deadline for the Rising Star Awards are later as there are no interviews involved.)

What happens next?

  • All entries will receive an email about what will happen next.
  • Once the deadline has closed the entries will be prepared for our shortlist judges.
  • Shortlist Judging will take place during the first week in March (Business Categories only).
  • The Finalists in each category will be announced at the Woman Who Inspires Network on Friday 8th March during our celebration of International Women’s Day.
  • All Finalists will be invited to an interview with our Panel of Judges on Monday 1st April at Coombe Abbey Hotel.

Panel Judges

We are delighted that all of our 2018 Judges have confirmed that they are joining us again in 2019 and will also be joined by Fleur Sexton from Pet-XI.  Our Judges are all human, great fun and have all been exactly where you are, so they completely understand how difficult it is to shout about your own achievements.


The 2019 Judges:

  • Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, CEO of Twycross Zoo and Business Woman of the Year
  • Ian O’Donnell MBE, Owner of web Design company Real Point and National Councillor and Board Member for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Coventry & Warwickshire
  • Paul Carvell, MD of the SFB Group and Past President of the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Emma Heathcote-James, Founder and MD of The Little Soap Company
  • Fleur Sexton DL, Founder and MD of PET-Xi Training

There will also be sponsor category judges including Alsters Kelly Solicitors and Gallagher.

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