Awards are a great way to raise your profile and power up your personal brand. Be brave, be bold and shout about your achievements.

These 10 top tips may help you when thinking of entering awards:

1.   Read the instructions carefully noting any deadlines, interview dates and the date of the awards ceremony. Make sure that you are available. Try not to leave your submission until deadline day, as it is more likely to be rushed and contain errors.

2.  Think about the things you have achieved… a qualification, recognition, personal achievement, a challenge you have overcome, starting a business, a promotion, a testimonial, a new innovation or initiative. Include these in your submission and shout about your successes.

3.   Always read the Award Categories and Guidelines for Entry. You probably fit into a least two, if not more. Most Awards are free to enter and allow you to enter more than one category. Take a deep breath, be bold and start filling in the Entry Form.

4.   Tell your story. What have you done to get where you are now, what are you doing now and what are your goals and aspirations for the future? Imagine you are telling your story. Include any challenges you have faced and how you overcame them. You will find it much easier to write your submission and you will have a snapshot of where you are now – a mini business plan.

5.    Think about what the judges would be interested in.  They may not have time to read brochures or look through your website, so make sure that every word counts, be concise and make sure that you describe your product or service. Insert pictures if you are able to.

6.    Generally, there are no additional marks are gained for multiple nominations in one category, so there is no point in getting your friends and contacts to send in multiple entries. It is far better to have one strong entry from you, with great testimonials.

7.    Think about content. Be concise but use the available space provided. If there is a word limit, use it. Avoid stating ‘growing year on year’ without providing any detail. Remember its all about the quality of your entry and making sure it stands out. Ensure that you check your spelling. Perhaps prepare the content in Word first.

8.    Ask for help. There is no rule or reason why someone else can’t draft your entry for you. You may have a team member, someone who does your marketing, or a PR company who can draft your entry for you.

9.    Maximise PR opportunities before, during and after the Awards, especially if you are shortlisted as a Finalist. If you are provided with a logo, use it. Provide a quote when asked and share your nomination/Finalist selection via your own social media channels.

10.  Treat Awards entries as a part of your marketing strategy to grow your business, raise your profile and power up your personal brand.

Woman Who Achieves Awards 2020

The 2020 Woman Who Achieves Awards are open for Entry in November (Deadline 23rd February).

Just take a look at the Award Categories, complete the registration form and you will receive your Awards Information Pack: REGISTER HERE

If you want to learn more about entering Awards and other ways to Power Up Your Personal Brand, take a look at the Woman Who Academy

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