During the coming months we are featuring many of the Woman Who Achieves Finalists, Winners and Sponsors in our Friday Feature.

Introducing Sophie Parker, Founder of Tutor In a Box Winner of the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Just Starting Out Award 2019.  We asked Sophie our Friday Feature questions and here are her responses:

Name: Sophie Parker

Business Name: Tutor In a Box

Twitter Name: @tutorinabox

Who is your role model and why?

Oooo that’s a hard one! I have lots of role models, all the way from parents to teachers to leaders in business. I guess the thing about role models is you look up to them and so they’ve all done something amazing in my eyes; whether that’s setting up a business from nothing, running a multi million pound corporate business or successfully juggling a career with having children. They are all incredibly determined and positive people who I aspire to be like. (Most of them also smile a lot as well…)

What’s the worst job you have ever had?

I once spent a Christmas temping at a small high street shop where I had to stand by a door and welcome people inside. I lasted three weeks! I get bored quite easily and need a change or challenge to keep me motivated – and standing in the same place for a four hour work shift didn’t provide that!

What’s the best business advice you have ever received?

Great things aren’t achieved by thinking realistically. It was only recently I was told this and I had a mini epiphany! I’m a very practical and logical person and I’d always been defined by what was achievable and realistic. When we got talking, it was explained to me in the business context and it made total sense! If you want to achieve something no-one has done before or do something bigger and better, you have to think big and dare to dream. 

What is your proudest achievement in business?

Winning Educator Of The Year at the Pride of Stratford in January this year was a big moment for me. I was up against some fantastic individuals and it was my first ‘business’ award as it were. Children at primary school seem to get lots of awards – for attendance, for spelling, for reading, for being kind, etc etc… the list goes on! As an adult they don’t tend to give out awards so much so it was fantastic to be a finalist (and then win) and I met some absolutely incredible people on the night.

What is your favourite business book?

Again, that’s a hard one! Probably the “The E Myth” by Michael E. Gerber. Every small business who wants to succeed should be made to read that!

and just for fun…

Which personality or business person would you invite to sit on your dream Board of Directors and why?

I’ve recently come across Andy Cope (The Art of Brilliance) and I’ve been following him and reading his books. He runs a successful Community Interest Company (CIC) so is a community minded individual and also has a good idea of how business works. He isn’t your typical boring business person though and instead injects fun and happiness wherever he goes!

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

Probably Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh, purely because people used to say I bounce around a lot! I’m quite energetic so I guess that’s where it comes from.

Tell us an amazing fact about you, that not many people know?

On the 8th September this year I’m doing my first ever triathlon (Viridian Daventry Triathlon). Do think of me when you’re having your lie in on that Sunday morning … !

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