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Introducing Corrine Seabourne, Alsters Kelley Solicitors and Finalist in the Woman Who Achieves Outstanding Team Member Category of the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2020 (Midlands Region)

Name: Corrine Seabourne

Business Name: Alsters Kelley Solicitors

Twitter Name: @AlstersKelley

Who inspires you and why? My mother. She has not only raised 8 children (mostly as a single parent) she now has 16 grandchildren and still finds time to foster and raise 5 young teenagers.  She has a calm approach to life and is an inspiration to me every day in all she does for her family and foster children.  She also teaches Kickboxing to young children- what a woman!

What was your first job? I had 2!  One was a Saturday job in a shoe shop called Shoepermarket and the other was as Twilight staff at Kwik Save – showing my age now😊

What’s your top business tip? Always be kind and understanding to your clients.  Treat them with respect and look at life from their view – you will be amazed with what you see.

What’s your favourite business book or podcast? I love a good crime podcast – I am currently listening to ‘To Live and Die in LA’ it is fascinating!

What’s your favourite quote? There are two things that are certain in life.  That you will live and you will die.  What you do in between is up to you!

and just for fun…

Who would at the top of your guest list for dinner and why? Caroline Flack.  I would love to tell her she was amazing and beautiful and pull her from the dark place she was in before she passed.  I would love to lift her spirit.

What’s your favourite film? I love a romantic film – The Notebook or the classic Dirty Dancing

Tell us about an embarrassing moment (one you can laugh about now). Whilst a member of the Army Reserves, I was deployed out to Worcester to assist with the floods.  I was tasked with driving around the local area to ascertain how the roads were.  I started to drive down a road in a Land Rover.  Within minutes the road and Land Rover were flooded and I was stranded sitting on top of a land rover, radioing to be rescued!

A colleague had to commandeer a tractor to get me out and the news reported about two soldiers who needed to be rescued!  Needless to say, I was extremely embarrassed, but I survived……unfortunately the Land Rover didn’t and had to be scrapped!!