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This Monday we’re introducing you to Jenny Cross of Cross Productions. Jenny is a Finalist in the Networking Category of the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2020.

Name: Jenny Cross

Business Name: Cross Productions Ltd

Twitter:  @CrossProd_UK

Who inspires you and why?  Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE. She mentored me when I first set up in business. I didn’t know her at  all and she had nothing at all to gain from this. Leanne remains a rock, sounding pint, mentor and now friend for me.

Leanne is driven, focused and one of the wisest people I know.

Leanne has set up 2 businesses one of which she was working on the funding / investors when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She remained calm, focused and pushed through. Now in remission and still with 2 great businesses and all investors still onboard. Nothing is ever too much for Leanne she will always go above and beyond to support people.

What was your first job?  I had a paper round at 14. I loved doing it on my skates or bike. My first job after leaving school was telesales for a newspaper.

What’s your top business tip?  You cannot achieve a new outcome without learning something new. Find the drip, fix the leak

What’s your favourite business book or podcast?  Traction by Gino Wickman

What’s your favourite quote?  “Putting wings on a bicycle doesn’t make it air worthy”.

and just for fun…

Who would at the top of your guest list for dinner and why?  Meghan Markle. She is driven, focused and has made so much change to how things were done yet remaining poised and professional, calm and collected (or at least it appears that way).

What’s your favourite film?  Bugsy Malone

Tell us about an embarrassing moment (one you can laugh about now).  When I was a kid I did a reading in church. I said “Potatoes have feelings too” it should have read “people”. I was mortified. My dad found it hilarious! I now can’t read out loud in front of people. Doing talks at events I have to work with bullet points. I can’t read a script or I panic!

Look out for next Monday’s Motivation feature and another local woman in business