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This Monday we’re introducing you to Andrea de Gabriel of Andrea de Gabriel Portraits. Andrea is a subscriber to the Woman Who Achieves Academy and is taking her business to the next level by powering up her personal brand.

Name: Andrea de Gabriel

Business Name: Andrea de Gabriel Portraits

Twitter:  @PortraitAndrea

Who inspires you and why?  My photography business mentor, because she is the only person I have ever met who knows “exactly” which challenges I have faced and still do, in being a female professional photographer – she is a strong, kind, and knowledgeable human being, and I have enormous respect for the success she has achieved, which is absolutely deserved.

What was your first job? Customer Services Clerk at a haulage firm.

What’s your top business tip?  Be in business doing something you love and loving what you do, and be true to those who come to you for your professional services – Because the need for money alone will not keep you motivated or inspired.

What’s your favourite business book or podcast? Sadly, I do not have one of either.

What’s your favourite quote?  “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  Ayn Rand

and just for fun…

Who would at the top of your guest list for dinner and why?  Freddie Mercuri. Just because…

What’s your favourite film?  Hair

Tell us about an embarrassing moment (one you can laugh about now).  When I was a wedding photographer (something I decided to stop around April 2019, after 16 years of doing it) I would come to the bride’s house to photograph the “Getting Ready” part of the day. At this particular wedding I arrived early, as usual, and was greeted by the bride’s mum. I asked about the bride’s whereabouts and this brief dialogue started:

Mum: She is having her hair and make-up done

Me: Ah. Ok. That’s great! When are you having yours done?

Mum: I already have.

End of conversation.

That dialogue never again took place, at any wedding.

Look out for next Monday’s Motivation feature and another local woman in business