The Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards 2020 are open for entry (Deadline Midnight on Sunday 16th August 2020)

Take a look at all the Winners of the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards 2019. This could be you this year.

The Awards will be delivered at an interactive online event at 12 noon on Friday 16th October.

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Congratulations to all the Winners of the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Achieves 2019.

Just Starting Out Award

Suneta Bagri, Cultivate Coaching & Consultancy 

What the judges said:

The Judges chose the winner because she is clear about her target market, her vision and has complete clarity about her niche. They were particularly impressed by the way that she has thought everything through.

Start Up Award

Sophie Parker, Tutor in a Box 

What the judges said:

The Judges were impressed by this multi-faceted business but more so by this lady’s passion, enthusiasm clear routes to market and entrepreneurial flair. She has proved the model and that it’s scalable.

Home Business Award

Pam Sutherland, Truestar Talent Ltd 

What the judges said:

The Judges recognised our Winner as this is a definition of a true home business. This lady has made a conscious choice to base herself at home. She’s addressed challenges and built and proven and sustainable business.

Services Award Joint Winners

Lisa Whittleton, Illuminate VR Services Ltd 

Leyla Okhai, Diverse Minds UK Ltd 

What the judges said:

The Judges for the first time in the history of Woman Who could not choose a winner. They chose two!

Although they are completely different businesses, both winners are credible, impressive, driven and growing.

Overcoming Adversity Award

Andrea Rainsford, SEO Angel 

What the judges said:

The Judges said that anyone of these Finalists would be a worthy winner. They were after much deliberation, impressed with the strength, drive and determination both personally and in business. The winner saw adversity as an opportunity.

Creative World Award

Heather Gallagher, Stagescreen 

What the judges said:

The Judges felt that this business had a vision and purpose and unlike similar businesses, it addresses self-development.




Inspirational Award

Rebecca Mander, GuruYou 

What the judges said:

The winner of this award was chosen because she demonstrated how she has bounced back from major life challenges and uses everything she’s learned to make a difference to others.




Katrina Atkinson, Top Kat Wellness

Awarded by Woman Who to Kat, a Woman Who has totally embraced the ethos behind the Solopreneur Awards and travelled from Hull to support the Finalists.

Pam Sheemar, NatWest

Awarded by Woman Who to Pam because of all she does in her role at NatWest to support entrepreneurs, especially Solopreneurs.


Jules White, Live it Love it Sell it 

What the judges said:

The winner of this award was chosen by our Judges because she could have won virtually every category! She has demonstrated a strong business model after overcoming adversity and we can’t wait to see what she does next!


Holly Matthews, The Happy Me Project 

What the judges said:

Awarded by Woman Who to Holly because she is a Solopreneur who doesn’t enter awards yet she gives so much of herself to inspire others.

Congratulations to all the Winners & Finalists!


Delivered in partnership with the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses: East & West Midlands Regions)

‘Being a winner in last year’s Solopreneur awards was so rewarding. I was so lucky to get a special judges award and it meant the world. It also helps to show credibility when promoting my business, not to mention belonging to an amazing community by being part of Woman Who.
I thoroughly recommend it – enter now!
And good luck!‘
Jules White

Winner of a Woman Who Special Award, Live it Love it Sell it

‘Winning a Solopreuneur Award last year was incredible, and unexpected. The whole process boosted my confidence immensely and since winning I’ve felt able to take steps to grow my associate model and business further.
Sandra and the other finalists were a huge support and I highly recommend other women apply, you learn so much about yourself and what you can achieve.’
Lisa Whittleton

Joint Winner of the Solopreneur Services Award, Illuminate VR