If you’ve ever read any self help books, employed the services of a coach, or done an NLP course, the chances are you’ll have come across the formula for success: Be x Do = Have.


I was thinking about this when I was out running and listening to “You Are A BadAss” by Jen Sincero.

It’s January and it’s New Year Resolutions time – or New Year Goals, as I am choosing to call them.

Like many people, I regularly set new year’s resolutions.   I am going to diet.  I am going to read a book a week.  I am going to run three times a week etc etc.

Also, like many people, those resolutions tend to have gone out of the window by February.  March if I’m really lucky.

Thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusions that it’s because, as intentions, they’re quite flat.  It’s just the do bit. Nothing about the person I will have to be in order to do the doing, or even what I’m going to get out of it at the end.

This year, I decided to try something different, and use the Be x Do = Have formula and set goals, instead of resolutions.


My goal for 2021

As I was mulling over what I wanted from 2021, focussing on the whole be x do = have thing, my sudden revelation was that I want to be a runner

If you know me, follow me on Linked In or have even read my website you might find this statement confusing.  I am always talking about my running.  I even had this revelation whilst out running.


And this is the clincher.

I run.

But I do not consider myself to be a runner.

Now I know that if I get up and get out, then technically I am a runner.  I’m certainly more of a runner than the person who sits at home on the couch.  But I’m talking about being a proper runner.  Someone who has the mindset of a runner.  Someone who consistently gets out there and works on their form and speed.

Let’s put it in to the context of Be x Do x Have.  Currently I run fairly regularly.  I complete the activity.  I do the doing.

So, if I slot it in to the equation we get Be x Run = Have.

But if I want to fully charge the equation I have to add some more bits to it.

Runner x Run = Have

Runner x Run = Increased fitness

Fit Runner x (Run + Good Nutrition) = Increased fitness and better body shape

Focussed, Fit and Fast Runner x (Regular running + learning + consistently good nutrition + additional strength training) = Slim, Fit, Healthy Body


Suddenly, things are different

Do you see how things are changing?  I’ve got outcomes and tangible results that I’ll be able to see and measure and get pleasure from and a clear picture of the person that I will be.  Even as I’m writing this I’m thinking of more and more things that I’ll have to do to be that person and have what I want – reading about form, stretching, fueling my body really well, getting great sleep, incorporating drill sessions etc.

If you go back to my normal new year’s resolutions – I’m going to diet, I’m going to read a book a week and I’m going to run three times a week – they suddenly make more sense.  I will probably be doing all of these things as activities in pursuit of my one goal – to be a runner.  But now they’ve got context to them and reasons behind them and the likelihood is that I’ll be putting a plan together because there are quite a lot of things to co-ordinate!


It’s not just about You

It works in the same way for your business.  You might put together a financial goal for your year.  That’s your Have.  But unless you populate the Be and the Do in your equation, you won’t have the full picture or the full context for putting your plan together.

So, what kind of mindset will help you BE the person you need to be in your business?

What things do you need to DO?

And what will you HAVE in the end as a result?


Zoe Russell, ZHR Marketing


I joined The Woman Who Academy as I was in the throes of setting up my marketing business, ZHR Marketing.  I already knew Sandra Garlick, founder of Woman Who, and knew that any network that she was building would be worth being part of.

I have already met some great ladies who have provided inspiration and support.  Much more than a networking group, the Academy offers so many opportunities to build your skill set, your confidence and your business, as well as your network.

Sandra is always incredibly generous with her help and advice, but so are all of the other members.  It’s like being part of a team, even though you may be working on your own.

It’s been a big help to me already, and I’m very much looking forward to my future within the Academy, and continuing to get to know each of my fellow members so much better.

Zoe Russell

ZHR Marketing