Everybody knows that for a healthy body and mind we have to feed it well. We feed the Mind with knowledge, keeping our mind active, eating the right food, exercise and WATER. We feed the body with the right food, exercise, sleep and WATER.

Most of us know that our body is about 70% water, we should drink eight glasses a day, humans can go for weeks without food but only three to four days without water.

We are rightly told that to maintain our bodily system we need to drink over 2 litres of water a day.  Why is this? Well roughly our bodies use up half a litre of water a day through breathing …and thankfully we are all still breathing! We use half a litre of water just through our pores – that’s without exercise, and we need 1 litre of water a day flushing through our system to stay healthy.

So that’s our 2 litres but depending on our size and lifestyle we need more than this.

People often find drinking 2 litres of water a day quite difficult! Some people just do not like water, some would rather drink liquids in various forms like tea, coffee, pops, cordials etc instead.

I hope the following things in this blog may help you to look at water differently. So here are some amazing things to think about – that shows that water just isn’t water.

Some of this may surprise or upset you. But like food for the mind knowledge is a useful tool to keep us safe and well and better informed.

Tap Water. This is what we use every day to drink, wash, cook etc. Tap water in essence is cleaned up sewage. When it is cleaned they use a lot of acids to kill bacteria. This would make the finished product too acidic for the pipes, and it would rot the pipes (forget about us and OUR pipes!!) So, they add Lye (a high alkaline solution) to bring the Ph of the water down to Neutral Ph 7. All tap water is set at Ph. Ph means “potential of hydrogen”

Lifestyle diseases are often due to the body being too acidic; eating acidic foods and

drinking acidic drinks can make us suffer unnecessarily and become unwell.

E.g. Diabetes, arthritis, gout, lupus, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, kidney disease, liver

disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol etc., and even cancer.

When foods and drink are higher than Ph 7 they are more alkaline, less than Ph7 is more acidic. When we were born our bodies were at Ph7.365, so just slightly Alkaline. But through the food we eat, what we drink and even life’s STRESS our bodies start to become more acidic.

It is really difficult to correct the Ph imbalance with the food we eat, as often much healthy food

Can be acidic, so it even more important to look at balancing our acidic food and drink with higher levels of alkaline food and drink. Please note it’s a BALANCE…it’s just as bad for us to have our bodies TOO alkaline.

Tap water also contains fluorides, and chlorides, which is one of the reasons pets such as cats and dogs prefer to drink out of puddles and what we would call “dirty water” because their acute smell can pick out all the added things we put in water. To them that water is better.

Bottled Water. Some people only drink bottled water, because they don’t like the taste of tap water, it seams fresher, its more accepted to do so. Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand bottled water. Many bottled waters give a Ph reading of 7to Ph6 on the label. But they also say that was AT SOURCE – the question is – just how long has that water been in the bottle, and in what conditions (extreme heat, cold etc). The plastic on the bottle may have started to break down. You should never store a plastic bottle in your car or top it up for drinking – especially in the summer. I only use BPA Free drinking bottles and containers. These used to be expensive buy more widely available now. I would certainly recommend BPA free bottles for the children to take to school and you to drink from.

There are varying qualities of bottled of water on the shelves in the supermarket, too much choice – really! But not all bottled waters are the same and many may not be as good for you as others.  One water which certainly is not “CLEVER” leaves you with a thick black sludge if you boil it down a pan.

Filtered Water. There are many types of filtered water systems on the market. Again, some are more efficient than others. Some take out the chlorides, some the fluorides, some the heavy metals. Again, we have to look at what they are taking out of the water in terms of minerals, and what they are doing to the water.

What is the Ph of the things we drink on a daily basis? Well sit back – as this may shock you!

Lemonades/pops, sparking water, flavoured water, tonic waters, mixers and sorry folks wine, gin etc come in at about Ph 3 -4  – Ph3 is equivalent to battery acid!! My question is would you send your children to school with a bottle of battery acid?

Some Bottled waters start at Ph4 – 6.

I drink Ph9.5!!

ORP – Oxidisastion in Water and Food

As well as the Ph of water we also need to consider the ORP or the oxidisation in the food we eat or what we drink.

When you cut an apple in half you notice it quickly starts to go brown. This is the apple oxidising or “Rusting”. You will all have heard of Anti-Oxidents helping to keep you younger. Well on the other side acidic foods and drinks can “rot/ rust” our insides. One of the important features of bodily health is GUT HEALTH.  Having a more alkaline body through drinking and eating helps keep gut health at top notch. Hiromi Shinya, co-creator of the colonoscopy will not do a colonoscopy until his patients have drank my ionised water for 2 weeks, which cleanses the gut.

Dr Shinya explains how the medical profession has come to realise the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy colon:

“So many ill-health stems from problems here, particularly when the colon is acidic. The main thing” he continues, “is to understand how important, indeed, essential, water is for health. The quality of the water matters immensely. Hard water, which often contains substantial quantities of elements such as magnesium and calcium is preferable as this is ‘good water’. Drinking it means the body maintains the correct alkaline pH balance.”

Water is so important for me that I researched it and bought an Ioniser. So I drink tap water which goes through an ioniser, this reduces the molecule size and allows the smaller molecules to get into my cells quicker creating immediate hydration. Drinking one small glass of my water is equivalent to eating 1 kilo of Blueberries in terms of anti-oxidant! Yes I am getting younger every day!!


My machine creates 7 different Ph levels of water, from highly acidic to high alkaline. So, everything we do in our house, from bleaching and disinfecting to dusting and washing the windows, de-greasing and even taking off the herbicides and pesticides on any shop bought fruit and veg is done with our water, we use no other cleaning or disinfection methods.

This water was also the reason I invented HydroVeg Kits.

So when people tell me – water is ONLY water … its water is NEVER only water!!

For more details on water please contact me at sue@suetonks.com. I am happy to share more knowledge, and even let you try the water yourself.

Sue is a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy