More so now than ever, health is something that we should all be taking responsibility for. But sometimes it’s tricky to know where to start and where to place the emphasis.

So how about focusing on one thing that you can do every day, that has no cost and has a cumulative affect over time. Sounds too good right!


Have you heard about grounding?


If you have awesome! You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

You may not have heard about it, or you may be subconsciously aware. Dont worry- its free and its fabulous and can help you! It is energy and it is everywhere!

Let me try to explain how it feels to me.

Whenever I am barefoot on the beach or standing in the sea something happens to me. It’s nothing to do with a summer holiday, it could be a winters day in Cornwall, and all of a sudden everything falls into place. I may be biased, but it’s certainly something special, the moment my toes feel the sand between them, I feel centered. Do you know what I mean? Feeling that sand beneath my feet does something to my soul.

Its certainly something I try to do as often as possible.

But you don’t need to be on a beach to get this feeling, in fact I partake daily in my back garden, in central England.


So, what is grounding?


The Earth contains a very subtle, natural electric charge- energy in the ground, known as the Schumann resonance. It’s a bioelectrical current measured at 7.83Hz.


Think about electrical health and safetyeverything is earthedor groundedfor stability and safety.

But get thisyou can be grounded too!


This helps you to feel centred, strong, balanced, relaxed, solid, stable.

You contain bioelectricity as does the earth. Everything operates on a frequency, including your cells and body systems. You have multiple frequencies inside you that control your body (this is also how amino neurofrequency therapy works). Being able to ground yourself helps to regulate your inner bioelectricity that runs through your nervous system and promotes a healthy interior millieu.


For you to be grounded all you need is to be barefoot and in touch with the ground- think sand, earth, grass. Shoes act as a barrier to the earth’s energy, so you are disconnected. Get outside and stand or walk barefoot- try it. If its cold and icy you may want to wait till the summer, but if you’re like me you still try it every day you can.


Grounding has a healing effect that is scientifically proven and has a great deal of research into it. Over time it helps to decrease pain and inflammation, reduces stress levels, and even improves circulation.


Remember if you dont feel it, dont worry, you dont have to notice it for it to be therebut if you are in tune with your body you most likely will notice something.


If you feel any of the following, it may be time to get grounded


Do you become easily distracted, feel like your brain is in a fog, overthink everything, are anxious, need drama in your life, have inflammation, disturbed sleep, poor circulation, chronic pain or fatigue?


So heres my top 5 tips to help you get grounded and let the energy flow:


  1. Take off your shoes and socks and get outside, stand on the earth- grass, stone, sand or dirt.
  2. Focus your awareness on the bottom of your feet, paying attention to any sensations for at least 1 minute (less if its cold).
  3. Go for a walk, but stay present. Be aware of your environment- the sounds, smells and sensations. If you can do it barefoot awesome. Pay attention to what you feel under your feet whether you have shoes on or not.
  4. Lay on the floor and roll. Yes I said roll, however you like- give it a go! When was the last time you did this??!!
  5. Turn off your techthis will help you to disconnect and then reconnect with your natural energy… dont believe me? Turn off all of your tech by 9pm and let me know how you sleep!


Sometimes the simple things and getting back to nature have some of the best results.


Tracy Richardson BSc., MSc.


Tracy is a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy