Confidence can be elusive, so when we do acknowledge our own self-worth and feel assured in our convictions it makes us more determined than ever to forge ahead. This creates a cycle of positive momentum where we not only believe in ourselves with an open mind, but we also plan our future with a liberation of thought.


Confidence affects our attitude to everything we do, the decisions we make and how we approach the challenges in our life. Without confidence it is harder to stay focused because negative self-talk destroys our good intentions. If that does not beat us, it makes the process of making choices more difficult.


Inner confidence is a combination of being assured while embracing our own strengths and weaknesses. Too much confidence, however can come at a cost too. It is so easy to become complacent when we feel confident, so when we go into overdrive, we can make mistakes in the process.


Confidence may come with experience naturally or sometimes we deliberately take time out to look at our achievements to boost our self-esteem. It is important to congratulate ourselves for our accomplishments because it releases us from our inhibitions, so that we can praise ourselves and use that energy to drive ourselves forward.


Confidence becomes part of our internal dialogue. It is the words of encouragement that we heard as a child, the compliments we receive daily, the little wins and our own sense of pride we feel in recognising ourselves for who we really are. Therefore, confidence can be nurtured or restricted every day.


Confidence supports us to make decisions quickly. It is knowing that we can rely on ourselves independently and trust in what we know. Underneath we can be paddling frantically, yet our confidence propels us forward and hides our anxieties from others.


Confidence will find solutions first and faces issues practically. It is the part of us that believes our version of our situation and seamlessly filters the options we have in our minds eye enabling us to take bold steps.


Confidence hides when we are alone, fearful, or tired. When we let our guard drop it is essential to find reminders of what makes us feel valued, appreciated, and rewarded so that we can bounce back to being confident again.


Confidence discovers who we are in our own hearts and minds without relying on others for validation. Everyone’s journey is different, our experiences shape us, so comparing ourselves to others will take us down a path toward negative emotions. Without gaining confidence again we will become rooted in self that place of self-doubt.


Confidence embraces the opportunities placed before us as we progress with our lives both personally and professionally. It helps us to conquer uncertainty in ourselves and to master our emotions, to communicate honestly and effectively. It is expressed in our assertiveness and knows that we are enough.


Confidence is both a goal and a resting place. Once it is obtained it is important to keep the encouraging feelings simmering. We can share confidence with others to inspire and motivate them. Confidence is a sense of equality. It is within you. It is within me. It the best version of ourselves and gives us the power to stand fearlessly and present who we are to the world.


Abbi Head, Amoreantos


Abbi is a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy