Why did you start your business? If you’re thinking of starting a business, what’s the driving force behind your decision?


Any entrepreneur should be able to tell you the reason they ventured into becoming a small business owner. Knowing and understanding your WHY is key to running a successful enterprise.


What is your why?


When I speak to the ladies in the Woman Who community, the exact reasons for starting their businesses come up over and over. They include:


  • Flexibility – Having the time and space to work around family/carer commitments is high on the list of ‘whys’ for many women in business. Setting your own hours and working days is a considerable incentive. You may want to work from anywhere in the world and run a business while travelling or work from home so you can be around for your family.


  • Being the boss – Answering to no one but yourself is pretty liberating, especially if you’ve come from a corporate environment that was stifling you. Working for yourself is hard work, but you are in complete control of the how, what, when, where, and why of the business.


  • Make money – Let’s not forget the possibility of making a fabulous living while being in total control and working the hours you want to work. Why line a big corporations pocket when you could be earning a great income doing the same thing for yourself? There’s an opportunity to create financial independence for you and your family when running your own business.


  • Being helpful – Many of the women in our network offer services and products that make a massive difference to their customers in a variety of ways:


  • Therapeutic treatments (therapists/beauticians/hairdressers)
  • Giving the gift of time (VA/social media management/bookkeeping)
  • Offering peace of mind (counselling/solicitors)
  • Being a cheerleader (coaches)


  • Gap in the market – You may work for a large company that tick boxes rather than offer a fully rounded service to their customers, and you understand the issues the audience face. The skills and expertise you have can provide solutions and a more intimate service. Starting your own business allows you to fill that gap. Your input can have a positive impact on your industry.


What’s your why?


Can you relate to any of the above examples, or do you have another reason for running your business?


Once you are clear on why you are starting or running your business, it becomes the main focus as you navigate the business arena.


Woman Who Achieves Academy Member Sharon Luca-Chatha has a unique reason for starting her charity and business. The Luca Foundation supports bereaved families during their darkest time (both imminently and long-term) affected by baby loss. The charity provides cuddle cots that allow families to say goodbye to their child.


The loss of her son (her ‘why’) is a powerful driving force and one that connects Sharon to everyone involved in the charity and beyond. This is why I was honoured to become an Ambassador.


Understanding your why is beneficial to every aspect of your business, but recognising your passion and vision are equally important.


Where does passion fit into your business model?


If you appreciate that your ‘why’ is all about being your own boss and making a decent living on your own terms, then where does that passion fit in?


To run a successful business, you must have a particular set of skills. There are the obvious abilities such as:


  • Good time management skills
  • Resilience and curiosity
  • Positive networking
  • Financial know-how
  • Sales and marketing knowledge


All of these are proficiencies that can be learned (or outsourced).


As well as the technical skills needed to run a business, you must also have a burning passion for your industry, audience, product, or service. Your passion needs to be bigger than your fears!


Do you recognise the following in yourself?


  • Self-motivation
  • Integrity
  • Not afraid of hard work
  • Dedication
  • Inspired


Are you willing to work relentlessly on your products or services to help your target audience? Do you feel excited about chasing the vision you have for your business?


If so, then the passion you feel for your work will shine through everything you say and do. It will run into your marketing materials, social media feeds, blog posts, conversations, and networking. That passion you feel for your business will be felt by everyone that comes into contact with you, and that’s how you ensure you stay on track with your purpose and vision.


What’s your vision for the future?


Do you imagine yourself standing on a stage speaking to a captivated audience? Perhaps you dream of writing and publishing a business book? Or maybe your vision includes winning a prestigious award?


We all need to have a vision of what we want to achieve in our business, and it’s worth spending time working out what’s important to you and why.


I regularly share my vision board with members of my Academy. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you share your vision with others.


Within the Woman Who Achieves Academy, I work closely with the members on every aspect of their business vision. I ask the tough questions:


  • Will your business survive and thrive?
  • Do you want to ensure that your business remains visible?
  • Have you put off taking action to grow your business?


Through a combination of learning, growing, and mentorship, the members receive support to achieve their vision and gain the confidence they need to grow and develop in a safe and supportive environment.


Want to become an award-winning business?


To create that vision, you need to take action steps to make it happen. Here at Woman Who, I do everything I can to support you as you take that first step.


Promoting yourself and your business by entering awards is a fantastic way of stepping into your personal and professional power.


Since becoming a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy, I’ve built some fabulous relationships and gained valuable business knowledge and skills through attending the weekly and monthly networking events.


I’ve got the opportunity to share my story in the Woman Who book and became a finalist in the Solopreneur Awards. None of this would’ve happened had I not made the decision to invest in my personal development.” Claire Cahill, Confidence and Leadership Coach at Accendo Coaching.


The Woman Who Achieves Awards and Solopreneur Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of Women in Business. The awards encourage women to recognise, celebrate, and inspire others by becoming role models and take place every year, with almost 300 attendees enjoying an afternoon of inspiration, celebration, and entertainment.


The Woman Who Achieves Awards and Solopreneur Awards will open for entry from 1st June 2021 close on Sunday 25th July 2021.

Why not nominate your business and begin the journey of bringing your business vision into reality?


SAVE THE DATE: The Woman Who Achieves Conference & Awards and 5th Anniversary Celebration is on Friday 1st October at Coombe Abbey Hotel.