When was the last time you reviewed your business? I don’t mean a quick check to see if your products or services are selling. I’m referring to a deep dive into every corner of your business and brand.

Innovative women succeed in business because they continue to review, refine, and refresh their offerings.

One of the most influential names in the UK is Ella Woodward (now Mills). Ella launched Deliciously Ella when she was still at University in 2012 following a medical diagnosis that changed her life. She began by writing a blog of her culinary experiments as she turned to a plant-based diet to improve her health.

Her small blog attracted over 130 million hits in a couple of years. She then launched her social media platforms before developing her app, which was an instant success. Her first cookbook followed and became the best-selling debut cookbook of all time in the UK. Her innovation didn’t stop there. With her husband, Ella opened a café in London and produced her first product (energy balls), stocked in 6,000 stores across the UK and Ireland.


Create your own success story

I love reading about innovative women in business like Ella Woodward, Karren Brady, Sara Murray OBE, and Sara Blakely, to name just a few. Our social media feeds are full of stories about the inspirational work female entrepreneurs are doing to boost the economy, support diversity, and promote equality.

But how can you become innovative in your own business?

Review – spend a day looking into every aspect of your business. From your social media platforms, newsletter subscriber list, website and branding through to your working processes, time management, and goals.

Ask yourself if you’ve achieved what you set out to or if there’s something you want to do differently. What key milestones did you hit? Have you diversified and need to tweak your ideal client analysis?

Take time to think about how you feel towards your business and audience. We’ve seen many companies change direction over recent years to accommodate the changes in shopping trends, safety, and accessibility. Has your business changed? The rise in virtual courses, memberships, and a global reach may have caused you to re-evaluate your priorities.

To succeed, you need to be constantly reviewing your business goals and the needs of your audience.

Refine – with an in-depth review comes the necessity for refinement. Change is good in certain circumstances and can push your business to another level. It also allows you as a business owner and entrepreneur to step outside your comfort zone and grow.

Is it time to explore your target market through surveys or social media engagement to help you understand the needs of your audience? What’s changed for them? How can you provide the right solutions?

Mind mapping is a great way to refine your business ideas. Spend some time jotting down your thoughts, ideal client profile, or the services and products you want to develop. Here at the Woman Who Academy, a like-minded group of women is eager to offer their advice or support as you refine your business.

Refresh – once you’ve reviewed your business and refined your products or services, the next step is to refresh your brand. I don’t mean go out and spend hundreds of pounds on new logos or websites. To refresh can mean shaking up your online content or changing your profile pictures. It could also include learning a new skill that will be beneficial to your business. Perhaps learning how to speak in public would open up a host of opportunities that refresh your business and boost your profile.

Innovative women in business have one thing in common; they are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of their audience. It’s the innovators who will succeed as they keep reviewing, refining, and refreshing their offerings.


Surround yourself with innovative female entrepreneurs

I am delighted to be able to offer a platform that celebrates and supports successful women.

The Woman Who Achieves Awards and Solopreneur Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of Women in Business. The awards encourage women to recognise, celebrate, and inspire others by becoming role models and takes place every year, with almost 300 attendees enjoying an afternoon of inspiration, celebration, and entertainment.

We are thrilled to be supporting the Woman Who Achieves Awards for a fifth year.


As a local company with a large number of female employees, we firmly believe more women should be given the confidence and opportunity to flourish and achieve.


These Awards continue to be a great way to showcase and recognise those women who are achieving and will hopefully inspire others.


This is the fifth year we have sponsored the awards – we feel it provides us with an opportunity/platform to support women and their businesses across Coventry & Warwickshire as well as great profile for our business too and to be able to showcase the range of legal services we offer.“ – Catherine Wahlberg, Managing Director at Alsters Kelley Solicitors



Woman Who Live & Awards Lunch


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