Woman Who is not about one day in the calendar year and our celebration of the Awards on 1st October at the beautiful Coombe Abbey Hotel in Warwickshire continues.


Congratulations Dr Sue Palmer-Conn, Winner of a Woman Who Achieves Inspiring Journey Award 2021


The Woman Who Achieves & Solopreneur Awards took place on Friday 1st October. This year we held a hybrid event with many joining us in the Marquee at Coombe Abbey and those that couldn’t, joining online.


Congratulations Sue on your achievements and thank you to all the Winners and Finalists for your support and for making this event into an amazing hybrid Awards event.


Sue is a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy and will continue her journey with Woman Who over the coming months, so watch out for more from Sue.

I was absolutely delighted to be a winner and hope that my story might inspire at least one person to turn adversity into adventure and adventure into advantage. If I can do it at 70 anyone can do it.


Age is no barrier.


(Dr Sue Palmer-Conn pictured with Holly Matthews)

After getting divorced at the age of 50, as part of my personal development and healing, I trained as a coach.

Over the next few years, I narrowed down my coaching niche from a general life coach to a health and wellness coach until eventually, I became a divorce coach. To enable me to help women to navigate the stormy seas of divorce I trained with a US-based organisation gaining my Certified Divorce Coach status in 2018. I now help women to move from breakup to break-through without breakdown. Thus far I’ve helped more than a thousand women thrive.


A lady with a story, and a great journey. Planning her retirement, she decided to start a new business as a divorce coach and also gained a PhD, hence her business name The Divorce Doctor. No doubt we’ll be sharing Sue’s story in the next edition of I Am A Woman Who


Congratulations to all the Finalists in this Category

Donna Shingler

Wicks of Water Orton

Tricia Chambers

Sommet Marketing

Jenni Schansheiff,

Jenni Schanschieff Consulting