Woman Who is not just about one day in the calendar year and the celebrations continue throughout the following weeks, and months. 


Congratulations Rachel Haywood of The Swap Shop Winner of the Woman Who Achieves Marketing Award 2021.


The Woman Who Achieves & Solopreneur Awards took place on Friday 1st October. This year we held a hybrid event with many joining us in the Marquee at Coombe Abbey and those that couldn’t, joined us online.


Congratulations Rachel on your achievements, and thank you to all the Winners and Finalists for your support and making this event into an amazing hybrid Awards event.

Rachel Haywood, The Swap Shop, Winner of the Woman Who Achieves in Marketing Award 2021

Rachel Haywood (The Swap Shop) pictured with Sponsor Ian O’Donnell MBE (Real Point Design)

The Swap Shop is the free-to-use business swapping website borne out of Covid19 and fighting back. An interactive platform, we offer a trusted virtual marketplace to help small businesses and charities swap their skills, talents, products, and services with each other as a way to get back to business.

With 850+ members all across the UK, our community is paying it forward through mutual exchanges and creating commercial collaborations for the future.

We are changing how SME’s and charities work – by putting community back into doing business. It all starts with a swap.



Rachel’s concept of The Swap Shop started in Derby but has now expanded nationally. A simple yet innovative concept of providing a marketing platform for cash-strapped businesses to swap services. A valuable resource borne from the pandemic.

Congratulations to all the Finalists in this Category

I LOVED hearing from the keynote speakers and found them so inspirational and motivating – so much so that at first I began to feel a little bit like an imposter because I hadn’t ‘overcome’ anything to get my business to where it was, I hadn’t had a life-changing moment (other than walking out of a job into the unknown) like the other ladies had – and whilst I’m SO grateful that I haven’t had to face the challenges they have, I also felt a little guilty for being at the event, like I was taking the place of someone more deserving than me, someone more inspirational, someone who had overcome adversity and was standing here to tell the tale.  


HOWEVER, once back at home and chatting to my family and friends about it I realised I DO deserve my finalist badge, I DO deserve to be successful, I DID deserve my place at the event because I work hard, I seize opportunities, I’m determined and I’m finally realising that I AM doing something right because I’ve been in business over 10 years now and I’m finally believing in myself thanks to becoming a Woman Who finalist.’

Kerry Orton

Orton Marketing

Wow, I found myself doing my happy dance in the Woman Who event as award finalists were being announced, having forgotten it was being recorded! It was so fantastic to hear my name for the Woman Who Achieves in Marketing Award because I love what I do and to get recognition is the best feeling. Thank you so much Sandra for the opportunities you provide, I am so appreciative. 

Lisa Simcox

Little Artisan Marketeer

I’m always telling my clients to enter business awards but surprisingly I had to be coaxed by a friend into entering the Woman Who Achieves Awards. So, I was delighted to find out when I returned from holiday that I was a finalist in the Woman Who Achieves in Marketing category.

I was a finalist in 2019 too but I was a lot happier with my entry this year as my business has grown in that time, despite lockdown. Awards are a great way of recognising your own strengths, showcasing your business, and improving your visibility. Congratulations to all the other nominees and finalists.

Kim Gilmour

Connect Consultancy

Emma Dunlop-Walters

ER Marketing Group

Amy Hobson

Focus Your Future

Emily Harrison

The Empowerment Agency

Lindsay Woodward

Lindsay Woodward Marketing

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