For the first 12 days in December, Woman Who is featuring Woman Who Achieves Academy Members in the 12 Days of Christmas.

Each feature will include a little about the featured member and what they are selling right now. You may even pick up a Christmas gift or two. It’s also a great opportunity to find out more about these amazing women in business.

Introducing today’s Academy Member feature Tracy Richardson of Hybrid Therapy UK

Tell me a little about you and what you do?

The BEST investment you will ever make is in yourself!

Hi I’m Tracy and I am the BIGGEST self-care advocate you’ll meet- it actually makes my job a whole lot easier.

I love helping health-conscious people reduce pain, renew energy & restore wellness, using various therapeutic treatments including; frequency medicine, cranial-sacral therapy, health coaching, mindfulness, and movement. All from my holistic health and wellness practice, working face to face and online.

I’m all about the who, what, where, when, why, how, Cluedo game that is finding the cause of your issue… but you’re on crowd control, fire fighting, and maintenance crew!! 

We work as a team- having the right guidance and support in place is the key realising your full potential.

The way I look at things, you can either invest now, or pay later… either way, it comes at a cost, but the benefits of the former far outweigh those of the latter! 


What has been your stand out moment of 2021?

So for me this is a little different, it’s not actually business-related.

My stand-out moment is regaining my own health following a miscarriage in the middle of 2020. It took me almost 12 months but by far and away this is my biggest achievement of 2021. It has allowed me to get back to what I love doing, helping others with their own health and wellness, but also provided an opportunity to reevaluate my priorities and redefine what I offer. For me, everything has a learning opportunity and fortunately, my own process of healing has only added to my knowledge and experience.


What or who would you like to see under your Christmas Tree this year?

Haha- the old adage about always getting socks for Christmas has most certainly not been true for me for a long time, so this year I want socks!! Some lovely merino wool socks! Sometimes it’s the simple things.


What are you promoting right now?

In response to some of my clients as part of their rehabilitation and recovery, and to support them being able to organise and track things without becoming overwhelmed, I just created a daily journal to creatively organise and nourish your body, mind + soul.

Intentions, Actions & Reflections Daily Journal Planner: Creative Organising to Nourish the mind Body & Soul

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 17.55.21.png


What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

I am looking forward to being able to help more people! That is it really. I have a few things that I’m working on, but don’t want to reveal them until the New Year! They will build on what I offer in terms of the way I deliver value- As a holistic health practitioner, and as an educator, roles that tap into my best self thanks to a combination of over 20 years of experience and an ongoing desire for learning. 

I am looking forward to working with more people looking to make changes, looking for where to implement upgrades, and are committed to transforming and improving their health and wellness.


What’s your favourite Christmas song?

I have two- if that’s allowed? For me I love the Fairytale of New York and I Saw Three Ships- they both remind me of my Dad cooking Christmas dinner and singing along with a wee tipple!

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Tracy Richardson

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