Do you ask thought-provoking questions and delve deeper into your industry knowledge?


If so, you could be a ‘Thought Leader’.


Challenging the status quo, generating radical thinking, and sharing innovation with passion to benefit others is the essence of thought leadership. Becoming a thought leader requires you to have a mindset that knows what needs to be done, a grasp of up-to-date facts that make you a subject matter expert, a willingness to learn and educate others with integrity as a trusted go-to source of information.


The infectious energy of a thought leader is highly sought after, people listen when a thought leader speaks, and you are recognized for being pioneering and forward-thinking. That takes mental agility and a growth mindset which absorbs and processes knowledge in unique ways to give you a competitive edge. A sound industry knowledge brings self-belief, discipline, action-taking, and positivity that people want to be around. All traits of a mindset that is fixed towards persistence, reward, and gratitude.


A thought leader has a valued opinion and stands for something important!



I don’t want to add to the overuse of the term and dilute its potency. I support my clients to share their knowledge in a way that creates impact with authenticity and transparency. Real thought leadership attracts a target audience rather than you seeking one out, and generosity brings unsolicited opportunities. Inspiration is a thought leader’s key to communicating in a way that engages, enlightens, and encourages others to expand their mind too. The contribution of thoughts to provoke further insights successfully guarantees a following for thought leaders to influence.


Thought leadership can be financially beneficial to you as a business owner, and as an employee, as innovators are rarely unemployed. As your reputation grows as a reliable go-to source you will find that customers seek you out and your workload increases. Your skills will be reflected in your prices and your business grows as your experiences offer increased value. Although a lucrative asset, profit is not necessarily the driving force for a true thought leader to whom self-improvement and innovation keep them motivated. This increases your performance and production as well as personal satisfaction.


Finding your voice, becoming a rising star, creating content that adds massive value, featuring in media and trade publications, or on stage as a speaker are the beginnings of a thought leadership journey. Once you realize the platform that works best for you, you can make a much bigger impression and build a stronger brand. This is the nature of ‘Thought Leadership Marketing’.


In a world of fierce competition, a mindset for thought leadership marketing can help you stand out in a crowded market. Seeing my clients’ confidence grow when they discover their own credibility as an authority and potential thought leader is very gratifying.


Clients and businesses look for thought leaders to work with. So as your contribution to the dialogue pushing your industry forward grows you can not only inspire a movement but also stay one step ahead of your competition too.


I will be discussing my top five strategies to become better known as a thought leader in-depth in an interview with Authority Magazine and possibly Buzzfeed coming soon. Watch this space for updates!


Abbi Head is a Platinum Member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy