“Dress for success” is a saying which doesn’t just apply to clothing we wear for business. What we wear carries a symbolic meaning and can affect our mental well-being and the way we behave. Outfits will always inspire us to undertake certain tasks to perform. For instance, wearing a tailored jacket mentally prepares us for a business meeting; cosy nightwear makes us feel sleepy; a leisure suit encourages us to chill out on the sofa. Therefore, clothing that is designed specifically for fitness will motivate us to exercise more.


We all aim for a fitter and healthier lifestyle, so what we wear can really affect our exercise routine. It’s a well-known fact that when we look good, we feel good, feel confident and more motivated. Once we’re dressed for the part, we feel more enthusiastic about exercising, and in return, we achieve better results. Wearing workout clothing that we really love is the perfect way to lift our mood and is the motivation we need to be mentally prepared. By investing in workout clothing, the purchase holds us accountable to wear it, which means we will exercise more frequently!  Regular gym-goers often comment that wearing suitable workout gear motivates them to push themselves even further and it’s the crucial step in meeting their fitness goals.


Working out at home can be really challenging as there will always be countless other distractions but the secret to motivation is what we wear. Making the effort to dress for the part will have an impact on how we feel. Consider when we are getting ready for a night out, we choose clothes that make us look and feel amazing.  Workout clothes can do the same thing, and by wearing suitable clothing that flatters our body will improve our confidence. This is just the perfect mindset to bring energy to our workouts. Whenever motivation is lacking, simply slip into some colourful workout gear and this signals our brain that it is time to get ready for fitness!


Whether we invest in high-performance gym clothing or casual T-shirt and leggings, what matters most is we choose clothing that we know makes us look and feel good. It can be difficult to feel motivated when feeling uncomfortable, so it’s also important to wear workout clothing which is quick-drying and breathable. When we feel comfortable, we are more inclined to complete our exercise. Workout clothes motivate us to exercise because they perform with us and allow us to focus on the task in hand.


It’s important to maintain our fitness and live a healthier more active lifestyle for as long as possible, so feeling great in our workout clothes is surely worth the investment? This doesn’t mean wearing boring black leggings when we could wear outfits in our favourite colours. Workout gear is available in a variety of prints and patterns and supplied by many high street retailers providing affordable trendy items to make our exercising great fun and far more enjoyable.


Sue Burton, Colour & Style


Sue Burton, Colour & Style is a member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy