Entering a Woman Who Achieves Award isn’t about just one day in the calendar year. Each year, the Award Winners receive a host of winner benefits. Last year, Jude Jennison, former Winner, Woman Who Judge and Author approached me to offer a morning experience with her team of horses. Jude kindly repeated her amazing offer for the Winners again this year.

Last year, a group of Winners and Finalists enjoyed a morning of learning about their leadership style, and this year was no different. A group of Winners who included Louise Dillon, Jo Payne, Pam Banwait, Gulshen Bano, Sandy Gill, Tracy Powiesnik, and John Cleary joined Jude and her team on Friday for what looked to be a fantastic experience.

Jude has a unique skill of asking just the right questions, and the horses have a phenomenal insight into our leadership style. Just take a look at the comments from some of those who attended, and the photographs of this amazing session.

It was an absolute pleasure once again to offer the Woman Who winners a Leadership with Horses session with me and my horses.
As a Woman who judge (and former winner on several occasions), I know how hard these women have worked so it was an absolute pleasure to give back to them and offer them an opportunity to reflect on themselves and their leadership for a change.
The respect, clarity, confidence, and compassion that these winners demonstrated with my horses proves why they are worthy winners. We saw compelling leadership in action and it was a privilege to witness the learning that each person gained.
Jude Jennison

Leaders by Nature

I can’t tell you how amazing this day was with Jude Jennison and her wonderful horses.

I’m so grateful to Jude for offering this to the Woman Who winners, and to Sandra Garlick MBE for making it possible.

I spent the day with incredible women (and John Cleary 📷) and learned so much about myself and from everybody else.

I wasn’t exactly skeptical, but was unsure how a horse could possibly teach me anything about myself that I didn’t already know, or that I was doing a really good job of hiding from everyone else.

I was soon proved wrong when I managed to successfully lead a horse halfway across a field before she stopped dead and refused to move any further.

Some gentle and expert questioning from Jude, some soul searching, tears, and a quick chat with the horse, and we were on our way again.

I then spent a lot of the day declaring ‘this is witchcraft’

It was incredibly powerful and insightful, and an absolute honour to be part of it.

If anyone is looking for insight into their leadership, I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

I cried quite a lot, but I don’t think that’s compulsory.

A huge thank you to Jude and everyone else alongside me for sharing it with me.


Louise was the Winner of a Woman Who Achieves Special Award at the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2022.

Louise Dillon

Armadillo Social

What an incredible experience today with Jude Jennison and her amazing pack of horses.

Jude was kind enough to offer Equine Leadership Training to Woman Who Award winners organised by Sandra Garlick MBE. I was so thrilled to be given this opportunity. I cannot recommend highly enough to everyone to get in touch with Jude for her expertise and insightful coaching. It was an extraordinarily moving and immensely rewarding day. Thank you Jude! 🙂


Jo was the Winner of a Woman Who Achieves Lifetime Achievement Award at the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2022.

Jo Payne

The Air Ambulance Service

I had the most amazing day yesterday with a fabulous group of people learning so much about myself, my leadership style, and how to be even better at what I do.

We were invited by Jude Jennison to work with her and her beautiful horses but I must admit I was pretty sceptical!

Of course, I was proved wrong!

Jude is a master at her craft and it was soon apparent you can’t hide anything from these beautiful animals.

The whole experience was enlightening, humbling, and also emotional in equal measures.

If you’ve ever thought your leadership and management skills are perfect and there’s no room for improvement please book in with Jude, it will be the best training and self-reflection session you’ve ever had!

So much learnt in a short space of time.💖

Thank you Jude Jennison and Sandra Garlick MBE for the most amazing opportunity.


Gulshen was the Winner of the Woman Who Promotes Health & Wellbeing Award at the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2022.

Gulshen Bano

Strike Back Self Defence for Women

l have been reflecting on my session with Jude Jennison Leaders by Nature.

l, along with other Woman Who winners, were given this amazing opportunity by the wonderful Jude Jennison. The horses provided me with a lesson that wasn’t even on my radar, l must have kept it hidden or so l thought. There were tears, the horses Tiffin and Kalle got us to reflect on things. Jude Jennison has this profound knack of picking up on what is happening asking questions and helping you to get to the crux of what is happening for you. l learned from others too.


Taruna was the Winner of the Woman Who Achieves from Home Award at the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2022.

Taruna Chauhan

T Chauhan Consultancy

On Friday I attended a workshop with Jude Jennison. I’ve been to a LOT of Jude’s workshops, but I’ve usually had cameras to hide behind. I *know* her work is powerful I’ve seen it a hundred times and while I was initially openly sceptical about “leadership with horses” I was converted VERY quickly.

So on Friday, 8 of us arrived at Jude’s new ‘home’ in Staffordshire. All of us Woman Who award winners. It was strange to be a participant being so used to being an observer.

There was much amazing learning and it has to be said quite a few tears because of it.

If you are a leader and you want incredible, insightful feedback on your #leadership do whatever you can to get to a workshop with Jude and the horses. It will be one of the best days of self-development you ever do.


John was the Winner of the first I Am A Man Who Achieves Award at the Woman Who Achieves Awards 2022.

John Cleary

John Cleary Photography

The Woman Who Achieves Awards 2022 open for entry on 1st January 2023. The Awards will take place at Coombe Abbey Hotel on Friday 9th June 2023.

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