Meet Andrea Rainsford, Founder of Creating Business Growth as well as SEO Angel and The Consitent Income Club. Andrea is one of the main sponsors for this year’s Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards.

Andrea is a past Solopreneur Award winner and is also a Judge for the Awards this year.

The Awards take place on Thursday 5th October at Draycote Hotel, near Coventry. Tickets are available HERE.

I am truly delighted to be a sponsor of the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards 2023, an event that celebrates the incredible achievements of female sole traders, recognising the hard work, innovation, and dedication that these women bring to their businesses.
As a sponsor, I am committed to supporting and uplifting these remarkable ladies who are driving positive change and making a lasting impact on their industries. This event stands as a testament to the boundless potential of women-led businesses, and I couldn’t be prouder to play a role in showcasing their inspiring journeys.
As a Judge, I am delighted, excited, and feel very privileged to be asked to Judge the Solopreneur Awards this year. Witnessing the exceptonal achievements of fellow women entrepreneurs fills me with such inspiration and joy.
It’s a true honour to play a part in recognising their dedication, perseverance, and the impact they’ve made in their respective fields
Andrea Rainsford

Creating Business Growth

Andrea Rainsford, Sponsor of the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards 2023