As we approach the New Year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments and set the groundwork for even greater success and business growth in 2024.


Reviewing your processes helps to enhance your visibility, attract more clients, and start the New Year in a strong and positive position.

What can you do this month to focus on your business growth?


  1. Craft a strong brand.

Your personal and professional brand is important to help you stand out to your target audience. Spend some time defining your value proposition and how you communicate consistently across your platforms.

To-do: Look at your website, social media platforms, newsletter campaigns, and professional networks. Is your brand message clear, visible, and consistent, or do you need to refresh any aspects?


  1. Review your online presence.

You will hear me talk about boosting your visibility all the time, and lots of people think I spend all day, every day online, but that’s not the case. I work hard on my online presence so that when I do take a break or enjoy a holiday, my brand and my presence are still active and visible. This includes consistent engagement on other people’s content – commenting, liking, sharing, and supporting the members of the Woman Who Community and my wider connections.

Your online presence includes optimising your website for search engine optimisation (SEO) by regularly updating your content.

To-do: Look at your digital marketing strategies, such as content marketing and email campaigns, to see where you can improve and boost business growth.


  1. Nurture your networking and collaboration opportunities.

Business growth can be a team effort, even for solopreneurs. Building meaningful connections with other like-minded women in business in your industry is essential. Nurturing a supporting network opens doors to new clients and exciting opportunities.

To-do: Look at the networks you are part of and make time to connect and engage with the other members actively. Attend events either virtually or face-to-face. Work out what you want to gain from your networking in the New Year and set goals so you get the best out of your time and engagement.

Be sure to check out the Great Women in Business Meetup which will take place on International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March 2024.


  1. Invest in your professional development.

Embrace a growth mindset by committing to your continuous learning. Our Platinum Academy members receive a monthly masterclass learning session, which they find priceless regarding business growth and development.

To-do: Look at where you can improve or learn new skills to help your business grow in the future. Stay informed about industry trends, invest in your personal and professional development, and seek out opportunities for learning and growth.

Not only does this position you as an expert in your field, but it keeps your business adaptable to changes in your marketplace.


  1. Set business goals.

Establish clear, measurable goals for your business in the coming year. What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to include this goal in your business strategy? Break your goals into smaller, more manageable steps, and use your network to help you stay accountable.

To-do: Creating a 90-day plan for the New Year can be an incredibly valuable exercise to set clear goals, create actions, prioritise tasks, and make progress towards achieving those goals. I’m delivering an in-person session on this topic in Daventry on Friday 15th December if you wish to learn more.


  1. Track your progress.

Alongside goal setting, it’s important to track your progress regularly throughout the year. Tracking helps you see how your business growth is progressing. It helps you set out a roadmap for success and see where you may need improvement. When you track your progress, you can clearly see when you have achieved success and celebrate those milestones.

To-do: Look at what you want to track (time management, social media statistics, finance, marketing activities, etc) and how you will track your progress in the New Year.


Do you have a growth mindset?

A growth mindset empowers you to view challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement. This level of resilience is essential for navigating the hurdles that come with any kind of business growth.

  • Embrace innovation – by cultivating your growth mindset, you are more likely to embrace innovation and adapt to evolving market trends.
  • Increased confidence – believing in the capacity for growth creates greater confidence. With a confident attitude, you are more likely to pursue ambitious goals and position yourself as a leader in your niche.

As we step into the New Year, you have an opportunity to implement these strategies for business growth and cultivate your growth mindset. By doing this, you not only boost your visibility and attract more clients, but you will also create a sustainable foundation for your long-term success.


Growth through Speaking

If your 2024 growth plans including reaching a wider audience, maybe you’ve considered speaking as part of your growth strategy. The Speaker One Day Bootcamp is a great way to learn everything you need to know about finding your story, crafting your keynote and delivering it on stage.


Woman Who Inspires Online Events

Each month, Woman Who hosts the Woman Who Inspires Online Network. Check out the events in 2024.

Woman Who events always have a theme and include networking, inspirational speakers, and learning.


In business, we need to network to increase our contacts and our pipeline of work for the future. Whether you network online or in person, you can share your networking tips and learn new ones.