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Nuneaton, Warwickshire “By Appointment Only”


I empower my clients through Portrait Photography which gives them a positive perspective on themselves, and which has the power to change lives, for the better. These portraits become a treasured part of my clients’ story, and are a reminder that they are worthy of being celebrated. My work is about bringing joy, positivity, and empowerment.

I Am A Woman Who (2021 Edition)

Don’t be weighed down by what others think of you. At the end of a long day, when you lay down in your bed and turn out the lights, you are the only person you answer to and you have to live with the consequences of all your choices. Make good choices for your betterment, and for the betterment of others. This way, when you turn out those lights, you will always sleep soundly. – Lyzete – a.k.a. My Mum.



Joining the Woman Who Achieves Academy has been, by far, the best business decision I’ve made for a very long time!

The Academy is home to a motivated group of business women, ready to support each other, who bring their particular skills and knowledge to the group for the benefit of the community.

Sandra is everything you’d expect: a wonderful business role model for us all, and a genuinely caring and warm human being, who shares her knowledge and ideas for our betterment.

In short, The Woman Who Acheves Academy is a safe place for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and even problems, and it also has a social aspect which is much needed right now.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend you join us!

Andrea de Gabriel

Andrea de Gabriel Portrait Photography