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Do you feel like your thoughts, feelings, and actions spiral out of control leaving you losing days to emotional turmoil, anxiety, and frustration? What would it feel like to be able to take those positive daily steps forward?

I help my clients step out of the past and into the future, to improve their health and well-being by teaching the science behind the mind, body, and soul connection. I encourage them to take those daily steps forward on their own path of self-recovery, with a powerful daily routine to gain more clarity, connection, improving mindset, and inner growth.

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Talking About Mental Wellbeing

I Am A Woman Who (2021 Edition)

The major key to a better future is a better you. We all have challenges in our lives, but it’s how we deal with those challenges, that shines a light on the person you are. When someone does something to hurt you, it shines a light on who they are. When we spend time, trying to impress or please others, we forget the most important person; yourself. Be yourself always, do not change to please others or to get people to like you, the right people will love the real you.



When I first came across Sandra and the Woman Who Achieves Academy at the start of 2020, I didn’t have a viable or profitable mentoring business.

The support I have gained from Sandra and the academy sisters has been invaluable.  I have met so many inspiring women and the content Sandra has shared has enabled us all to grow together.

On a personal note, I’ve had the confidence to build a twelve-week program, build my brand, build my bio, and improve my keynote speech.  I would highly recommend this group to any professional lady that wants to improve their business.

Angie Simmons

Growth Development Foundation