Julia Leask


Company Name:

Leask Advisory Solutions


Accountancy, Business Support, Coaching & Training


Warwick and Online


You have a fantastic idea for a product or service revolutionising your industry. It’s so successful now you’re having difficulty managing your business. With decades of experience in strategic accountancy and planning, Leask Advisory Solutions can help innovative business owners like you run things more effectively. It’s all about knowing what you should and could do while staying in control.

Julia is an International Portfolio FD/CFO, Award Winner, Coach, Speaker, and Author who helps businesses with strategic planning. 

With her assistance, you can:-

  • grow your business (aided by a one-page business plan), 
  • make goals and be accountable for your agreed actions,
  • measure the right things
  • make more profits and improve your cashflow. 
  • Then go back to do what you love/want to do.

Your takeaway is that you will have peace of mind that you are getting great support from a Warwick-based professional and her extensive network of experts.