Katy Osborne


Company Name:

KOVA Business Support


Virtual Assistant


Wellesbourne, Warwickshire


Welcome to KOVA Support where, with over 10 years in the fast-paced hospitality industry, I am here to help get the work done that you avoid and get you and your business where you want to faster. 

I have the admin skills to get the work done quickly and efficiently. I understand the importance of processes that I can help implement into your business and I have a team of associates who have various other skills.

As a Virtual Assistant, I can work remotely or come into the office if you think your team and I could benefit. I work on an ad hoc or package basis based around your budget. I take on your busy work so you can make your business work!


With over 10 years in the event industry, I am here to help you navigate your way through the wedding and corporate events world so you can enjoy the planning process to ensure you and your clients enjoy the seamless event you visioned.

When you work with me, I take the stress out of planning, co-ordinating, and understanding “event lingo”. I care about your event just as much as you and with my great attention to detail, I am there to:

  • Make your wedding “Instagram-worthy”!

  • Help you achieve an ROI on your corporate event!

People that work with me have said that I am professional, friendly, kind, and helpful. My clients trust me completely to make sure everything runs smoothly and it does! One review reads “I honestly can’t even imagine how our event would’ve gone without Katy. I can’t sing her praises enough!” You can take a look at my website to see what others say about me too. www.kovasupport.com/events/