Kerry Orton


Kerry Orton member of the Woman Who Achieves Academy

Company Name:

Orton Marketing Limited


Marketing and Promotions


Warwickshire, Midlands, National, International, Online


Is this the problem at your company?

You have a big shiny #marketingstrategy , you know what you want to do, you know how you want to do it – but you’ve not actually got a member of staff to navigate the plan?

This happens a LOT!

A consultant comes in, helps you see the clear path you need to take with your marketing, shows you how it can be achieved, points you in the right direction…..they leave, you feel all fired up to get going…. and then you realise you have no idea where to start or who on earth is going to execute the ideas and get the work done!

Solution? Call me! I work with businesses to get that plan into action.

Whether that be using my own in-house services, co-ordinating your chosen agencies, or outsourcing when needed. I will see through those action points from your strategy freeing you and your colleagues up to make your business more profitable.

If you’re a business in this position, why not get in touch to discuss working together so you’re not lost in moving forwards?