Mel Stanley


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Coaching & Training


West Sussex


I’m an ex Marketing Director and Advertising Agency Head who now applies the same principles and strategies used in promoting commercial brands, to people; specifically, women who want to develop their Personal Brand, raise their visibility and stand out from the crowd.
I’m very aware of gender disparity, in particular, the challenges women face in career progression or indeed in building a business, and being unapologetically pro-woman with a strong desire to make a difference I’m on a mission, doing my bit in levelling the playing field.
I help a portfolio of clients ranging from mid-career professional women looking to rapidly accelerate their career path, Corporates with an active D&I agenda, and female entrepreneurs who want to align their Personal Brand with that of their business. My goal this year is to launch an online course that will give broader access to my frameworks and thinking so more women have the opportunity to shine
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