Let’s Get Visible ACCELERATE Mastermind


£97 per month* (incl VAT) or pay the discounted rate of £970 (incl VAT) for 12 months’ Membership

That’s less than the cost of the smallest Costa Coffee Americano per day!

Join the Let’s Get Visible® ACCELERATE Mastermind Membership and ACCELERATE your personal brand and get visible. A Mastermind Membership for personal and business growth, hosted personally by Sandra Garlick MBE.

ACCELERATE offers learning, connection, a safe space, and networking, along with a monthly Mastermind.

You will get to network with all the Let’s Get Visible® Academy members in the private Facebook Group. Plus, you have your own dedicated Academy ACCELERATE Mastermind Facebook Group

Sign up for just £97 per month*, or pay for a full 12 months’ membership at the discounted price of £970

ACCELERATE Your Personal Brand and get visible

Delivered by Woman Who Founder, Sandra Garlick MBE

Sandra Garlick MBE

*See ACCELERATE Terms & Conditions.

The Let's Get Visible® ACCELERATE helps you to power up your personal brand and get visible fast.

ACCELERATE gives you direct access to Woman Who founder, Sandra Garlick MBE, who delivers learning and creates opportunities for networking, collaborations, and discounts off Woman Who training, Bootcamps and masterclasses. The monthly Mastermind is a hive of like-minded women in business who work with you to help you ACCELERATE your visibility, your business, and personal growth.

Members of ACCELERATE have the following opportunities:

  • Member of the Let's Get Visible Academy Facebook Group
  • Member of the ACCELERATE Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Support from Academy members and Sandra Garlick MBE
  • Weekly Motivational Live in the Academy Facebook Group
  • Weekly dedicated ACCELERATE motivational newsletter
  • Monthly ACCELERATE Mastermind
  • Monthly Zoom Learning, delivered by Sandra Garlick MBE
  • Opportunities to speak and host Woman Who Events
  • Opportunities to speak at other events by recommendation
  • Directory Entry on the Woman Who Website
  • Feature on the Woman Who Chat Podcast
  • Discounts off Visibility and Speaker Bootcamps, and other training events

Pay in full for 12 months at the discounted rate of £970 (incl VAT) or join via the monthly payment option of £97 (incl VAT)*

*ACCELERATE Terms & Conditions:

  • This is a monthly membership payable by monthly direct debit or a discounted payment in full for 12 calendar months.
  • If you pay monthly and your direct debit payment fails, you will be asked to make a bank transfer payment to Woman Who Limited for the missing payment(s). If you fail to do so, within 30 days then your membership will be cancelled with immediate effect. The amount owing to date will remain due and payable**.
  • Late Payments of Commercial Debts Interest will be added to any outstanding payments that remain unpaid after 30 days.
  • You may cancel your membership at any time after the initial 3-month commitment.
  • If you have booked an ACCELERATE opportunity (eg Speaking at a Woman Who event or a Podcast recording), then your payments must be up to date or your opportunity will be cancelled.
  • There will only ever be 50 ACCELERATE members. If you leave and wish to rejoin at any time, you may only do so if there is availability. Your rejoin price will be the monthly cost of the membership at the time of rejoining.
  • **If you are a Legacy PLATINUM member, you have a lifetime membership provided that you have paid in full or have paid your 12 monthly instalments and attend at least 6 Masterminds per calendar year. If not, you will lose your lifetime status.
  • By making your purchase of ACCELERATE membership you are confirming that you accept these Terms & Conditions.



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